Sample Notice of Contract Expiration Form



TO:             Dr.


FROM:         Ralph Brown, Director
                 Office of Research Administration

SUBJECT:     Notice of Contract Expiration



This notice is being sent to inform you that your (fixed or cost reimbursement) contract, CSM Project 4-4XXXX or 4XXXXX with (sponsor) will expire on xx/xx/xxxx. As of this expiration date, all technical work, as well as all progress reports and final reports/deliverables, should be completed and submitted. All costs related to the work should be incurred and recorded in the accounting system.

These requirements are stipulated by State and Federal rules and regulations.

Please review the memo at the following link:  Memo

If, after clicking on the above link, your browser screen is white, click refresh to get the browser to display the document. If you are still unable to open the document, see the note below or contact Lisa Martinez-Conover at .

NOTE: To open the file, the Adobe Acrobat Reader Ver. 6.0 or above is required. You can download it at the following link: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader .

If budget amount above is incorrect, please contact your Grant Administrator.

If the expenditure or encumbrance amounts are incorrect, or if you would like an estimate of projected expenditures through the end of the contract based on salary commitments, etc., please contact your grant administrator.


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