Selective Service

All men age 18 through 25 living in the United States must be registered with the Selective Service pursuant to US Federal Law. You can register for Selective Service at any US Postal Office, or complete the registration online at the following website: This site also contains information regarding the Selective Service, including what it is and why registration is required. If you are unsure whether or not you are registered with the Selective Service, you can also select the option on this website to Check a Registration.

Once you are registered for the Selective Service, you must confirm this with Colorado School of Mines. A hold will be placed on your student account until this verification process is completed, and will prevent you from registering for classes. You will only be required to complete this verification once.

To verify your registration with Selective Service:

  1. Log into Trailhead.
  2. Select "Self Service."
  3. Choose "Personal Information."
  4. Select "Answer a Survey."
  5. Select the "Selective Service" survey.
  6. Answer whether or not you are registered with the Selective Service, and select "Survey Complete."

Once the survey has been completed through Trailhead, the registration hold will be released within the hour. Please be aware that if you complete the survey and say that you are not registered with Selective Service, the hold will remain on your account. You are required by law to be registered with the Selective Service, and must verify this before you are allowed to register for classes at the Colorado School of Mines. If you complete the verification and the hold is not released, please come to the Registrar's Office for assistance.