Student Fellowships and Funding Opportunities

Students must be in good academic standing and enrolled full-time to be eligible for a teaching assistant position or fellowship.  

Broussard fellowships for Engineering Technology & Management

Apply by March 1st to compete for limited scholarships available to accepted Engineering and Technology Management Students.  Students are awarded these fellowships based on their academic scholarship.  Please indicate on your application you wish to receive financial aid.   

All Graduate Student Opportunities

Teaching assistant positions - Apply by March 1st to compete for limited teaching assistant (TA) positions to begin in the following fall semester. PhD students have priority on the available positions. We hire approximately 10 students to teach principles of economics recitation sections. We also hire students to work as hourly graduate assistants to grade for courses. Faculty members will hire students as research assistants (RA) when research projects are secured. Once you enroll at Mines students may search for on-campus positions in Diggernet.

Darlene Regina Pauli Scholarship Fund
Eligibility: Female Colorado residents pursuing a master of science degree in any geological science at Colorado School of Mines, with a preference for students pursuing a master's of science degree in Mineral and Energy Economics. This is an annual, need-based scholarship; must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Contact the Division of Economics and Business for details on applying. The average award is $2000 per year.

Resource Capital Funds
(RCF) Graduate Fellowship
RCF is a mining-focused private equity firm based in Denver. A fund was established by RCF in 2002 to provide financial awards in the form of two RCF Fellowships to worthy graduate students enrolled as full-time candidates for Master of Science or a Doctor of Philosophy degrees in either Mining and Earth Systems Engineering or Mineral and Energy Economics.

Each RCF Fellowship award is $35,000 and is intended to cover full tuition for residents, plus a monthly stipend, for the student’s first two semesters of study. The fellowship includes the potential to be considered for a summer internship at RCF at the conclusion of the first year of study. Fellowship recipients will have an outstanding academic background and a strong interest in mine finance, project evaluation, mine feasibility and mineral economics. The fellowship recipient must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.50 during their first semester of study to remain eligible to receive the funds during the second semester, as well as to be considered for the summer internship program. Interested students should submit their graduate application by March 15th, clearly indicating an interest in and qualifications for the RCF Fellowship in their application letter. Awards will be announced by June 1st.

External source - Society for Mining Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) Student Scholarships

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