Student Permits must be purchased online!

Parking Lot Updates

Effective August 1, 2017, Lot R (behind MEP) will become a General Lot.  In addition, the Elm Lot (NW corner of 19th & Elm St) now has a parking meter and can be used as a daily fee lot.

A realignment of Lot Q will add an additional 68 more commuter spaces, scheduled to be complete by September.

Fall 2017 Rates:                                     

Commuter Permits $105.00/year
General Permits: $265.00/year
Mines Park: Included in Lease


These instructions address most frequently asked questions, so be sure to read through them to the links at the bottom of each screen. Be sure your campus email account has been set up at least 3 days before attempting to make your purchase. If you have trouble making your purchase, please call the Parking Services office for assistance.  Parking permits must be purchased online and will not be sold in the office.

Please review the steps shown below to reduce any potential difficulties in making your permit purchase.

  1. The first time logging in, you must follow the instructions to receive an email to access the site.
  2. Please use your email address to receive this email.
  3. An email will be sent instantly; if it is not, please contact the parking office.
  4. Follow the instructions for creating your password. A capital letter and a symbol or number are required.
  5. Once logged in, select "Get Permit" and continue to follow the instructions.
  6. Only one permit can be selected.
  7. If you have a current permit, your vehicle information may already be in the system.
  8. To add a vehicle, you will need the license plate number, the state it was issued from, the make, model, and color.
  9. To change a license plate number or delete a vehicle you no longer have, please email the parking office and we will assist you.
  10. After selecting your permit, you must press, "Pay Now" and choose your method of payment to complete the transaction.
  11. A maximum of one (1) transferrable (stick-on) permit will be issued to students.
  12. Motorcycle permits may be issued at no additional charge directly from the Parking Services office.
  13. Parking permits will not be issued to those who have not previously requested and paid for their permit online.  
  14. Your purchased permit should be picked up at the Parking Services office.
  15. FIRST WEEK OF FALL CLASSES - Parking permits are available exclusively in the Student Center Atrium...August 21--25.

After reviewing the parking policyPDF versionText only version, click HERE to purchase a permit.

Those desiring a refund at the end of Fall Semester may do so through Census Day only by returning your permit(s) and providing a credit or debit card for the refund.

Permits are available for pickup in the Parking Services office, Monday thru Friday from 7:30am until 5:00pm.

Communication to students at the Colorado School of Mines (Mines) is an important element of the official business of the university and it is your campus email that is used for this communication. Emails that are sent to campus email accounts are deemed to have been delivered.