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Terri Hogue

Terri S. Hogue, PhD

Colin Bell

Colin Bell, PhD
Research: Urban hydrology; water quality; hydrologic modeling; decision support systems; stormwater managment
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Ashley Rust

Ashley Rust, PhD
Research: Post-fire effects on hydrology; water quality; integrated ecosystems; fish ecology; macroinvertebrate populations and habitats
W. Kyle Blount

W. Kyle Blount

Research: Disturbance Hydrology; Evapotranspiration; Land-Atmosphere Interactions; Remote Sensing; Hydrologic Modeling; Stakeholder Engagement

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Elizabeth Gallo

Elizabeth Gallo
Research: Urban hydrology; stormwater modeling including pollutant loads and best management practices (BMPs) to meet water quality regulations in rivers and lakes
Jake Kurzweil

Jake Kurzweil
Research: Watershed systems and modeling, Remote sensing, Eco-hydrologic relationships
Chelsea Panos

Chelsea Panos
Research: Urban hydrology; land use change; stormwater modeling in Denver, Colorado
Christopher Ruybal

Christopher Ruybal
Research: Groundwater modeling, remote sensing, unconventional energy development effects on regional hydrology
ConocoPhillips WE2ST Graduate Fellow
Samuel Saxe

Samuel Saxe

Research: hydrology, water, budget, balance, evapotranspiration, precipitation, runoff, USGS, storage, model, calibration, evaluation, consumptive use, CONUS, calibration

Sam's LinkedIn and USGS Profile

Katie Schneider

Katie Schneider
Research: STEM Education; evaluating the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program, hosted at Mines campus through the Water Energy Education for the Next Generation (WE2NG) program, as a method for developing K12 STEM curriculum and self efficacy in teacher
Kim Slinski

Kim Slinski
Research: Bark beetle and fire impacts on watershed hydrology
Katie Spahr

Katie Spahr
Research: Co-benefits of green and grey infrastructure
Jordy Wolfand

Jordy Wolfand

Research: urban hydrology, stormwater modeling, surface water quality, green infrastructure, fate and transport of emerging contaminants of concern

Jordy's Website

Jacob Brown

Jacob Brown
Research: TOrC, stormwater, land use, WinSLAMM, model
Flannery Dolan

Flannery Dolan

Research: Reuse of produced water for agriculture

Flannery's LinkedIn

Wenli Dickinson

Wenli Dickinson
Research: Stormwater BMP Performance
Jackie Randell

Jackie Randell

Research Associate



Janet Barco PostDoc
Jongyoun Kim MS, PhD, PostDoc
Alicia Kinoshita BS, MS, PhD, PostDoc
Laura Read PostDoc
Megan Burke PhD
Minxue (Kevin) He PhD
Helen Jung (Kong) PhD
Kyle Knipper PhD
Sonya Lopez PhD
Caroline Mini PhD
Kim Monago PhD
Barik Muhammad PhD
Ashley Rust PhD
Pouya Vahmani PhD
Melissa Valentine PhD
Andrew Beck MS
Chris Carandang MS
Kristina Cydzik MS
Ryan Edgely MS
Brandon Hale MS
Ryan Logan MS
David Moering MS
Abbye Neel MS
Samuel Saxe MS
Jessica Shirley MS
Ella Walker MS
Michael Weil MS
Chris Wessel MS
Tristan Acob MS Non-Thesis
Audrey Lee MS Non-Thesis
Sharon Liu MS Non-Thesis
Alan Tipton, MS MS Non-Thesis



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