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  • Clark, M., J. A. Bahr, M. F. P. Bierkens, X. Cai, T.S. Hogue, C. H. Luce, J. D. Lundquist, D. S. Mackay, H.J. van Meerveld, H. Rajaram, X. Sanchez-Vila, and P. A. Troch, 2017: Editorial: A vision for Water Resources Research, Water Resources Research (in press)
  • Knipper, K., T.S. Hogue, K. Franz and R. Scott, 2017: Downscaling AMSR-2 and SMOS Soil Moisture with MODIS Visible and Infrared Products over Southern Arizona, Journal of Applied Remote Sensing (in press)
  • Litvak, E., K. Manago, T.S. Hogue, and D.E. Pataki, 2017: Evapotranspiration of urban landscapes in Los Angeles, California at the municipal scale, WRR (in press)
  • Porse, E., K. B. Mika, E. Litvak, K. Manago, K. Naik, M. Glickfeld; T. S. Hogue, M. Gold; D. Pataki, S. Pincetl, 2017: Optimization of Local Water Supply in Los Angeles: Urban Water Systems Analysis with Institutional Complexity, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (in press)
  • Walker, E.L., A.M. Anderson, L. Read and T.S. Hogue, 2017: Water Use for Unconventional Energy Development in the South Platte River Basin, Colorado, JAWRA (in press)
  • Knipper, K., T.S. Hogue, K. Franz and R. Scott, 2017: Evapotranspiration Estimates Derived Using Multi-Platform Remote Sensing in a Semiarid Region, Remote Sensing (in press)







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