Mining Eng Seminar: Comparative Analysis of Geological Modelling Alternatives

08/30/17 4:00 PM - 08/30/17 5:00 PM

Geological understanding is substantial for mining project evaluation because it has profound implications on resource estimation outputs including tonnage, contained metal, dilution and ore loss. Furthermore, it directly or indirectly controls some of the technical and economic factors such as recovery, mining and processing costs. Considering its potential influences on downstream mining practices, quality of the geological model is clearly important. Therefore, decision of the modelling approach should involve consideration of not only complexity, time and effort requirement but also its potential influences on subsequent applications. In this respect, proposed comparative analysis of geological modeling alternatives will be valuable to demonstrate the implications of modeling decision on resource estimation outputs of a large porphyry Co-Mo deposit. It is also thought to have a potential to contribute addressing inconsistencies between outputs of different scenarios. Lastly, quantification of major risks in ultimate pit limit determination will be possible through generating several simulations each of which will represent different scenarios that will capture geological variability of the deposit.  

Presented by: Mustafa Tokoglu

Wednesday, August 30th 

4 pm - 5 pm

Brown Building 125

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