Tim Lohmann

Ph.D. Operations Research, Division of Economics and Business
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/timo-lohmann/57/9b2/340
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  • Ph.D. Candidate: Operations Research with Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 2014 (Expected)
  • Diplom (equivalent to US M.S.) Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, Germany, 2011


  • Energy Market Modeling
  • Electricity Sector Models
  • Renewable Electricity Policies
  • Hydro-Thermal Scheduling Modeling
  • Hydro Inflow Forecasting
  • Tailored Decomposition Algorithms


  • M.R. Bussieck, M.C. Ferris, T. Lohmann. GUSS:  Solving Collections of Data Related Models within GAMS. In J. Kallrath, editor, Algebraic Modeling Systems:  Modeling and Solving Real World Optimization Problems. Springer, 2012.
  • Submitted: Spatio-Temporal Hydro Inflow Forecasting for Hydro-Thermal Scheduling (with A. Hering and S. Rebennack)
  • Working Paper: Strategic Bidding for a Single Price-Maker Hydro-Electric Producer: Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming paired with Lagrangian Relaxation (with G. Steeger and S. Rebennack)
  • Working Paper: Long-Term Power Generation Expansion Planning With Short-Term Demand Response Using Decomposition Methods (with S. Rebennack)
  • Working Paper: High Performance Prototyping of Decomposition Methods for Domain Specific Applications (with M. Bussieck, L. Westermann and S. Rebennack)


  • INFORMS 2013, Minneapolis MN, USA (invited): Power Generation Expansion Planning with Short-term Demand Response
  • INFORMS 2012, Phoenix AZ, USA: Inflow Forecasting Models for Hydrothermal Scheduling
  • Session Chair in Cluster "Energy, Natural Res & the Environment/Energy", Sessions: Stochastic Hydro-Thermal Scheduling I & Stochastic Hydro-Thermal Scheduling II
  • ISMP 2012, Berlin, Germany (invited): Stochastic hydro-thermal scheduling with CVaR constraints in deregulated markets
  • 4th IEEE and Cigr International Workshop "Hydro Scheduling in Competitive Markets" 2012, Bergen, Norway: Risk Constrained Stochastic Hydro-thermal Scheduling
  • INFORMS 2011, Charlotte NC, USA: Practical Stochastic Programming using Algebraic Modeling Systems
  • OR 2011, Zurich, Switzerland: Practical Stochastic Optimization using Algebraic Modeling Systems (Master Thesis Award).
  • OR 2010, Munich, Germany: Stochastic Programming using Algebraic Modeling Languages


  • Skiing
  • Discovery travelling
  • Weight lifting

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