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Computing has become ubiquitous, impacting almost every aspect of modern life and playing an important role in many technological advances. You don't need previous programming experience to do well in CS@Mines.

Students who enjoy solving puzzles, thinking logically, and looking for patterns are well-suited to computer science. Our curriculum reflects a mixture of theory and practice, including discrete structures, design and analysis of algorithms, principles of programming languages, computer architecture, operating systems, and software engineering.

Computing jobs are among the highest paid, and computing professionals generally report high job satisfaction. Graduates from our program have found employment with many different types of companies including technology, engineering, and financial companies.

Excerpt of image from CNNMoney.com/US Bureau of Labour Statistics; rating based on salary, job security and quality of life.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that the number of computing jobs has been increasing steadily for the last decade. Predictions for new jobs through 2018 also favor computing, and the number of students earning CS degrees is currently not keeping up with projected demand.

But it's more than just jobs opportunities, it's also happiness. A Wall Street Journal article on the 10 Best Jobs put Software Engineer in the first spot, with Computer Systems Analyst as number four.

View  the Computer Science documentPDF versionText only version from the Career Center to see who's hiring our CS majors, what types of jobs are available, and starting salaries.


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