Environmental Health and Safety
Fire and Life Safety Laboratory Assessment

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Inspection Finding Categories:
A. No items of safety or environmental concerns were identified.
B. Items of safety or environmental concerns were identified.
C. Uncorrected repeated safety or environmental items were identified.

Safety Equipment
# Compliance Items:
Category Item
Comments (description, location, etc.)

Fire extinguishers are clearly visible and have

unobstructed access.

Emergency eyewashes and showers are in

good condition, clearly visible and have

unobstructed access.

Emergency shower sprays will not contact

electrical wiring or equipment.

Machine guards for hazards such as chain

drives, belt drives, rotating shafts and pinch
points are in place.

Emergency telephones are clearly visibl, have

unobstructed access and emergency contact
numbers are posted close by.

Emergency shut-offs (ventilation, electrical

and gas) are clearly visible and have
unobstructed access.

First aid kits are clearly visible, unobstructed

and well stocked.

Electrical Safety
# Compliance Items:
Category Item
Comments (description, location, etc.)

All power cords and plugs are undamaged and

in good condition.

All extension cords and power strips are

plugged directly into building electrical outlets.

Only extension cords with 3-prong plugs

(grounded) are in use.

Extension cords are only used to power a

single piece of equipment (unless
manufactured with multiple outlets).

The current rating of all extension cords

exceeds the combined maximum current draw
of the equipment powered by them.

Extension cords are only used on a short-term

basis and not as an alternative to installing
additional building power outlets. (Cords
attached to walls, benches, ceilings, etc. are
evidence of long-term usage.)

All electrical equipment is properly grounded.

(unless double insulated)

Manufactured electrical equipment (including

extension cords) has not been modified from
its original condition and is only being used in
a manner approved by the manufacturer.

All power cords on the floor in travel paths are
covered in a manner to protect them from

No power cords are routed through doorways,
above ceilings under floor coverings, through
holes in walls or in any other manner that
might expose them to damage.

Power supply or other high voltage

connections are made using wire nuts and
enclosed in junction boxes.

There is at least 36 in. (wide and deep) of clear
floor space in front of all electrical panels and
main electrical shutoff switches

There are no exposed energized elements

(excluding data or other low voltage wiring).

Fire Safety / Life Safety
# Compliance Items:
Category Item
Comments (description, location, etc.)

All aisles are unobstructed and at least 30 in.

in width.

Both primary and secondary exits are


There is no combustible storage within 24 in.

of the ceiling (18 in. if fire sprinklers are

Fire rated doors (self-closing, solid core or

metal doors with no window or wired glass
window, and no vents) are not propped open.

Fire sprinkler spray patterns are not blocked

by equipment or furnishings.

Emergency shut-down procedures are posted

for any equipment that cannot safely be left in
operation, unattended.

Space heaters are not located near

combustible materials and are unplugged
when not attended.

There are no unprotected pointed, sharp, hot

or otherwise hazardous objects next to travel
paths that might be accidently contacted by

Signage or warning lights for emergency

equipment is clearly visible (including exit

There are no cords, tubing, pipes or other

objects on floors in travel paths that could
create a trip hazard.

There are no displaced ceiling tiles or holes in

walls that breach fire rated (most) walls.

Additional Comments / Recommend Items