Guidance Document
General Guidelines applicable to all chemicals
Minimize chemical exposure-

Avoid skin contact as much as possible.

Wear eye protection where chemicals are used.

Provide adequate ventilation.

Wear gloves selected on the basis of the hazards.

Wear lab coats and other protective clothing.

Do not eat or drink in the lab. Do not apply cosmetics, lip balm.

Wash hand after removing gloves, before you leave the lab.

Don’t pipet or start a siphon by mouth.

Keep Personal belongings away from chemicals.
Be knowledgeable. Do not underestimate risk-

Obtains and read MSDS prior to initial handling of a chemical.

Assume that any unfamiliar chemical is hazardous.

Consider mixtures to be as hazardous as any component.

Know the emergency procedures for your lab, department, building.

Know location of emergency shower, eyewash station, first aid kit.
Use proper engineering controls and safe procedures-

Substitute less hazardous chemicals when practical.

Provide adequate ventilation. Use fume hood and/or glove box.
Label all chemical containers.
Keep work areas clean and uncluttered.
Quick Guide to Assess Risk for Hazardous Chemicals