Marquez Hall Emergency Evacuation Plan
Evacuation Procedure - Building alarm
Instructors stop class and direct students to evacuate building
Take belongings if immediately at hand
Encourage others to leave, close doors behind you
Follow exit signs and leave the building by the nearest exit
Do not use elevators
Move away from the building (75’-100’)
Assemble areas are:
1. Between CoorsTek and Green Center
2. Across Arapahoe Street, Parking Lot N
Do not re-enter the building until told it is okay by a Building
Emergency Team member
Do not interfere with the Fire Department, direct questions to
a Building Emergency Team member who is wearing a red vest.
Marquez Hall alarm:
Audible Voice and Horn Alert: repeating “There is a fire alarm
in the building and to evacuate to the nearest exit”
Visible Alert: white strobes located throughout the building
Leaving the laboratory
Place experimentation in safe state if you can do this quickly
(within 2 minutes)
Close the door behind you
If you discover a fire:
Alert people in the area of the need to evacuate
Activate the nearest fire alarm
Call 911 from a safe location
Once outside find a Building Evacuation Team member, the
Fire Department will want to talk to you