Guidance Document
Material Safety Data Sheet
A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provides you with information about substances that you may
handle in your lab or work area. This information includes chemical and physical properties, health
effects, fire/explosion data, reactivity, handling, storage, and personal protective equipment. Every
hazardous material should have an associated MSDS. The MSDS should be consulted before you begin
your work.
Where do you get the MSDS?
 There should be an MSDS readily available for each chemical at the work location. Ask where
MSDSs are kept for your lab and/or department.

 The EHS Office maintains paper copies of MSDSs at the Chemical Storage and Distribution
Facility located in the lower northeast corner of Coolbaugh Hall. Copies may be made at that

 Vendors and manufacturers are required by OSHA regulations to provide an MSDS for any
hazardous products. Call them directly for assistance.

 Many MSDSs are up on the Internet. Use any search engine to find sites or click here: