Conflict of Interest
The Colorado School of Mines Faculty Handbook defines the processes to be
followed in articulating and resolving conflicts of interest at the University. When
the Office of Business Operations has reason to believe that a conflict of interest
may exist in the procurement of goods and services, it will direct the affected
department to comply with the procedures described in the Faculty Handbook
regarding conflict of interest. All possible conflicts of interest must be discussed
with the Office of Compliance prior to a procurement transaction.
Code of Ethics
All parties involved in the negotiation, performance or administration of University
contracts are bound to act in good faith. Any person employed by the University
who purchases goods and services, or is involved in the procurement process for
the University, shall be held to the highest degree of trust and shall be bound to
the Colorado School of Mines Procurement Code of Ethics included with these
rules as Appendix A.
Vendor Shows
A vendor show is a product demonstration or exhibit held on campus, to which a
vendor invites more than one University department for the purposes of
marketing goods or services. Vendor shows include open houses, product
exhibits or product demonstrations. All vendor shows must be approved in
advance by the Assistant Vice President of Business Operations in order to:

 Protect the integrity of the University’s procurement process;
 Protect the viability of the University-wide price agreements; and
 Ensure fairness to all vendors.

The sponsoring University department shall notify the Assistant Vice President of
Business Operations as far in advance as possible but at least ten (10) business
days prior to the vendor show. A product or equipment demonstration to a single
University department is not a vendor show. The Assistant Vice President of
Business Operations has the final authority to determine what constitutes a
vendor show.

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