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Nursing Mothers Accommodations
Issued: December


The state of Colorado, through actions of the state legislature, recognizes the
importance of workplace accommodations for employees. Colorado Revised
Statutes §8-13.5-101 through 104 specifically address accommodations for
nursing mothers by requiring the provision of reasonable break periods and a
private location for the expression of breast milk.


Colorado School of Mines will ensure that employees will be provided with an
adequate location (not a rest room) for the expression of breast milk in
accordance with § 8-13.5-101 through 104 C.R.S. Mines will make reasonable
efforts to provide a room or other location in close proximity to work areas where
an employee can express her milk in privacy.


An employee who desires to have a private location in which to express
breast milk is asked to make her request to her supervisor at least six weeks in
advance of her anticipated need. This notice period will allow adequate time to
identify an appropriate space.

Upon receipt of the request, the supervisor must contact and coordinate
with Facilities Management so that a suitable private location near the
employee’s work area can be modified, if necessary, and properly equipped.

An accessible room with a lock will be provided to the employee where the
employee can express breast milk in privacy.

The room will have accessible electrical outlets for electric breast pump
use and be located near a sink for washing hands and rinsing pump parts.
Additionally, the room will contain a comfortable chair, a small table and a
wastebasket. Facilities management will post a room reservation sheet (when
required) to ensure that all those needing the room will have the opportunity to
use it.

A small refrigerator will be provided in a securable area for safe storage of
breast milk. The refrigerator will only be used for stored breast milk.
Breastfeeding mothers must provide their own containers and all milk stored in

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Nursing Mothers Accommodations
Issued: December

the refrigerator must be clearly labeled with name and date. Those who use the
refrigerator are responsible for keeping it clean.

Reasonable break time will be allowed for pumping to provide breast milk.
Normally, the total time allowed would not exceed the normal time allowed for
breaks, if any, and lunch. Employees and supervisors are encouraged to work
flexibly to meet the needs of the breast feeding mother.

4.0 Appeals

Individuals who believe that they have not been permitted to access the
benefits of this policy, may appeal via either the established Classified Employee
Grievance process or the Faculty Grievance process, as applicable.

If a grievance regarding this policy is not resolved through either of these
grievance processes, in accordance with the statute, non-binding mediation will
be scheduled between the employee and CSM.