Personal Services
Responsible Administrative Units:
Agreements Waivers:
Human Resources
Appendix B
Finance & Administration

Issued: May 31, 2006


Appendix B

Additional Department Instructions:

This waiver of successive approval is limited to the above listed services, as well
as other waiver conditions. If this waiver does not cover a particular service(s),
the requesting department MUST submit a “Personal Services Certification
Form” and all supporting documents and materials to the Human Resources
Office for review and approval. Please note, this waiver is valid only for these
agreements, as long as, the acquisition of these services does not cause the
separation of state Classified staff.

As necessary, please attach a copy of this document to each of the above listed
agreements if routed to other external approvers (Division of Purchasing/State
Buildings, Attorney General’s Office, State Controller’s Office). All personal
services contract activity will be reported through the state’s Financial Data
Warehouse for the Personal Services Annual Report in accordance with C.R.S.
24-50-510. In addition, all personal services agreements must contain the
mandatory independent contractor clause listed in the Director’s Rule 10-4(E)(4).

All commitment vouchers issued under this waiver must comply with State Fiscal
Rules, State Procurement Rules and the Capital Construction Accounting
Guidelines. Furthermore, all statutes governing Capital Construction and all
policies issued by the State Controller’s Office and State Division of Purchasing
concerning the use of purchase orders and contracts must be followed.

The Human Resources Office will review compliance with this waiver. All School
employees are expected to comply with all conditions of this waiver and the
applicable personnel rules. The Human Resources Office reserves the right to
revoke this waiver of successive approval for failure to adhere to all conditions
and requirements of this waiver. For questions regarding contract review for
personal services as outlined in Chapter 10 of the State Personnel Rules, please
contact Veronica Graves, Senior Human Resources Specialist, 303-273-3056.