(Title) Policy (template)
Responsible Administrative Unit:
Policy Contact:
(Administration & Operation, Stu Life, Title, unit
HR, FM, etc.)

User Information Notes:

• Policy process includes approvals required & is detailed on the website.
• Assistance is available from the Compliance & Policy office for
development or updating policies. Contact 303-384-2236 or email
• Formatting Requirements are available at end of this template.
• Policy Mini-Style Book available at policy website.


Goal: Short, single paragraph stating the background and purpose of the policy.
This is not long or descriptive; rather it is just a reference for context.

The Colorado School of Mines (“Mines”) is committed to providing a safe
learning, working and living environment for its students, faculty, staff and
visitors. As part of this commitment, Mines has promulgated this policy to
The Colorado School of Mines (“Mines”) established this policy in
accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes § ________________.
The following constitutes the policy of the Colorado School of Mines
(“Mines”) regarding __________________________________________.


Goal: This section broadly states the goal of the policy and core requirements.
This is short, concise, and identifies the applicability of the policy (e.g., “Mines’
community”). One paragraph is usually sufficient for this section.

Mines is committed to equal opportunity for all persons and strives to
create learning and workplace environments that exclude all forms of
discrimination, including harassment. Mines’ commitment to non-
discrimination, affirmative action, equal opportunity, and equal access is
reflected in the administration of its policies, procedures, programs, and

Name of Policy

activities as well as its efforts to achieve a diverse student body and
Mines prohibits violent behavior and threatened violence on Mines
property, facilities, and off- campus locations where faculty, staff, or
students are engaged in Mines business, educational programs, or related
activities. Mines also prohibits violence between Mines community
members, whether it occurs on-campus or off-campus. This policy applies
to all Mines community members, including visitors, vendors, contractors
and other individuals who may not be directly affiliated with Mines.
Individuals who violate this policy may be subject to discipline and
sanctions appropriate to their status as discussed below.


Goal: Procedures may be included in a policy document if they are short and
distinct. Long procedures should be a separate document. Procedures are
subject to change by the responsible unit to remain current with policy and
compliance requirements. The Compliance & Policy Office is available to assist
users in determining Mines’ needs.

Example: Titles for each item helps the reader identify the parts and flow.

Title. [Use organized, logical flow for procedures the user must follow]
• using numbered lists or bullet points to identify a grouping is easier
to read and absorb

3.4.1 Use numbering to define ordered procedures is helpful to the


Goal: This provision identifies the authority (usually the Board of Trustees, the
President, or a senior executive) who is responsible for final approval of a new or
revised policy.

Examples: • The Board of Trustees directs the President, or President’s
delegates, to develop, administer, and maintain appropriate
procedures and resources to implement this policy. Violators of this
policy will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of
employment, expulsion, and termination of contractual relationships
with Mines.
The President delegates authority to develop, administer, and
maintain appropriate procedures and resources to implement this
policy to the Director of [_____________________].
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Name of Policy

EXCLUSIONS/DISCLAIMER (optional category)

The policy will be reviewed at least (annually, every 2 years), or as needed by
the Responsible Administrative Unit.
Issued: (Month, day,), 20__.
Updated/Amended __________ (links review only_____or other explanation of


This section includes any definitions of jargon, acronyms, specialized terms, or
technical language specific to the policy or the topic. List terms alphabetically
using the format below.

[Term] [Insert definition here.]

Goal:This section lists resources including links to related documents or
resources. Examples include:
• University documents (e.g., policies, guidelines, manuals, contracts, etc.)
• Other documents, agencies (e.g., laws, regulations, statutes, FAQs, etc.)
• Departmental websites where procedures are maintained
• Contacts in addition to Responsible Office.

KEY WORDS (important for tagging/searching on the website)
policy, topic, area of applicability, unique but common search word, etc.

(See Template Formatting and Resources on the next page)

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Name of Policy

Formatting Requirements
• Headers:
o For administrative polices & procedures, use the header format
shown above.
o For Board of Trustee policies, use the Mines’ Seal header format.
Contact the Compliance & Policy office for more information.
o Beginning on page 2, include the policy name in the header. See
page 2 of this template.
• Footers:
o Format is the same regardless of policy type.
o Use a footer beginning on the second page of the policy with page
numbering and Mines’ Earth Energy Environment branding in
footer. See page 2 of this template.
• Font must be Arial12 pt.
• All margins must be 1 inch.
• Web accessibility standards apply to policies posted on the Mines’
website. Contact the Compliance & Policy office for more information on
making policies accessible for everyone.
Drafting Notes:
• Use “Mines” as the short form for Colorado School of Mines.
• Exclude the year a law, regulation, or authority is enacted or adopted if
you provide a direct reference. (e.g., C.R.S. §23-41-104)
• Avoid jargon or acronyms unless it is required. Be sure to define jargon or
acronyms in the definitions section.
• Use active voice, rather than passive voice. Here is information about
using active voice: Purdue Writing website examples
• Be succinct and avoid duplicating concepts.
• Use “must” not “shall” for requirements; use “should” or “may” to reflect
• Avoid legal jargon. Plain language is more useful for the user/reader.
• Avoid long prepositional phrases (e.g. instead of “on behalf of” use “for”)
• Identify applicable Mines’ departments/units/populations if needed (e.g.,
EHS, ORA, vendors, Deans, Department Head Director, Faculty,
• Use “employee” instead of “faculty and staff”; student-employee may be
separately identified.
• Spell and Grammar Check with Readability level are your friends.
• The Mines’ Policy Mini-Style book is available on the Policy Mines Policy

Resources: The Compliance & Policy office is available to assist with
development of new policies or updating existing policies.

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