ConocoPhillips Center for a Sustainable
Water-Energy Education, Science and Technology
I N T E R E S T :
S P R I N G 2 0 1 6
WE2ST students
and faculty visit
WE2ST Visits ConocoPhillips in Houston
headquarters in
Fourteen representatives from the
more about the WE2ST Center.
provided and offered a wonderful
ConocoPhillips WE2ST Center traveled
Monday involved a full day at
informal opportunity for everyone to
WE2ST students
to Houston this February to visit
ConocoPhillips headquarters where a
mingle and visit. In the afternoon, the
continue to earn
ConocoPhillips. The trip began with a
well crafted agenda wove together
leadership team from WE2ST stayed
local and
nice dinner Sunday evening at Del
presentations from ConocoPhillips
to discuss research directions with
Frisco’s hosted by Mr. Steve Crowell
and WE2ST. While CSM Faculty
ConocoPhillips. Of course, before
from PlusPetrol. Faculty and students
presented more traditional style
leaving, ConocoPhillips gave a tour of
WE2ST Research
were seated among Senior Executives
research talks, Undergraduate
their amazing facility. On Monday
Symposium is a
from the O&G Industry who all have
Scholars gave 5 minute “research
evening, the CSM Foundation
big success
had significant international
pitches” and Graduate Fellows gave 8 sponsored a wonderful alumni dinner
experience. The dinner allowed the
minute compelling “TED-Style” talks
at the Omni Hotel. Students had a
students to see the myriad of paths
on their research. The students also
chance to network and share
that a career can take, and it allowed
brought posters for an interactive
information about the WE2ST Center
the industry folks a chance to learn
discussion session. Lunch was
with the Houston alumni crowd. All in
all it was a fantastic trip and well
worth repeating annually!
I S S U E :
Education &

New NSF K-12

P A G E 2
WE2ST Scholars, Micaela and Michelle,
Show Off Superior Innovation Skills!
Two WE2ST Undergraduate Scholars,
Micaela and Michelle Pedrazas were part of
a 4 woman team, Team Airband, to enter
Newmont Mining’s Innovation Challenge at
Micaela and
CSM this semester. Team Airband not only
Michelle (left)
competed, but ultimately took first place
with President
winning $20,000 dollars to implement their
idea. They invented an “airband” that is a
Johnson and
Kaylie Haynes,
wearable air-quality monitor for detecting
their other two
the levels and presence of hazardous
team members,
Scholar, researches
chemicals in the air. Congratulations to
Daniela and
effects of produced
Team Airband and to our outstanding
water on crops
WE2ST twins!
WE2ST Fellows Continue to Win National Recognitions
through Scholarships and Awards

“It is a privilege to
Cynthia Kanno was selected as a recipient of the American Water Resources Association-Colorado
Section’s Rich Herbert Memorial scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year.
use my education
 Emily Nicholas was selected as the 2016 recipient of the HDR/Henry Benjes Scholarship through the
now in the service of
American Water Works Association. Emily will be a guest at the Annual AWWA Conference in Chicago
this summer where she will formally receive her scholarship at the Water Industry Luncheon.
 And finally...a hearty congratulations to Chris Ruybal, who earned 3rd place in the National "7th Annual
2015-16 Geosyntec Student Paper Competition" for his paper "Real Time Field Measurements of

Aqueous Methane in Groundwater For Monitoring near Shale Gas and Coalbed Methane Development."
-Seth Suydam,
Carley Lauer, Undergraduate
Seth Suydam, WE2ST Scholar,
Undergraduate Scholar
Scholar, Represents WE2ST Well!
Presents to Local
Carley Lauer will be a third ConocoPhillips with
Alaskan Community
year undergraduate
communication and
This semester, Seth
generating a 12-15 page
WE2ST Scholar next year. leadership skills
Suydam, a returning
report containing useful
Not only has she
necessary to be a
WE2ST Scholar, was
information and
maintained an excellent
confident, effective
chosen to do a special
guidelines for spill
GPA in her coursework,
leader (she’s the newly
project as an intern with
response during the event
she has also won
elected president of the the Prince William Sound of an oil spill, and giving a
numerous scholarships.
Greek honor society). In Regional Citizen’s Adviso- 15-20 minute presenta-
She was awarded the
her application, she also ry Council (PWSRCAC)
tion to the PWSRCAC
Denver Area Panhellenic talked about the
due to being a former
board of directors on May
scholarship which was
volunteering and
resident of Seldovia
6, in Valdez Alaska. Seth’s
open to all sorority
outreach that she gets
Alaska and because he is
family was directly
a petroleum engineering
women in 26 sororities in to do through WE2ST
affected by the Exxon
WE2ST happy hour with
student. His project
the Denver area. In her
and how that carries
Valdez oil spill and Seth
ConocoPhillips guests
involved learning more
scholarship application,
over into her other
says that “it is a privilege
after Willie Staudt’s
about oil spills and spill
Lauer credited WE2ST as
to use my education now
seminar presentation
response in Alaska. Part
well as her internship at
Congratulations Carley!
in the service of Alaska.”
of his task involved
Way to go Seth!

P A G E 3
Bigger and Better: The WE2ST Annual Research Symposium
Symposium was combined with the Civil ConocoPhillips and other industry
and Environmental Engineering
folks, faculty and administration from
Department and the Hydrologic
CSM, as well as family and guests
Science and Engineering Program to
personally invited by students. Finally,
collectively display almost 40 research
the Symposium showcased the winning
posters! The event was held in the
6th grade water project (mentored by
student center ballrooms and included a WE2ST) from Shelton Elementary. The
poster judging session for WE2ST, door
four 6th graders presented posters and
prizes and awards, refreshments, and
a model to show off their water-saving
Each April WE2ST holds an Annual Research Symposium
many networking opportunities. The
shower design.
to showcase all of the student research. This year’s
event was well attended by many
event was even bigger and better than last year as the
students, representatives from

First and second place for the
WE2ST Student Poster Winners
best WE2ST Graduate Fellow
Poster were awarded to Ella
Walker and Chris Ruybal,
respectively. Best WE2ST
Undergraduate Scholar Poster
went to Kate Newhart, and
second place to Kaylie Haynes.
Attendees also voted for the
overall favorite poster at the
Symposium, and this award
Ella Walker (left) and Chris Ruybal (right) won the poster competition at the Symposium.
went to Skylar Zilliox.
Judges for the graduate posters were Willie Staudt from ConocoPhillips and Kevin Moore
A few Undergraduate Scholars WE2ST students, faculty, and guests Michelle, a Scholar, presents
smile for a picture

her research to Fran Vallejo
WE2ST Sponsors 6th Grade Project Based Learning Units:
Earth’s Processes and The Real Water Cycle
The Education and Outreach efforts of
prior knowledge of the hydrological water
WE2ST, included supporting the 6th
cycle to include human impacts and
grade Shelton science classes this year
components like water treatment,
with two big project based learning
conservation, and reuse. Each team of 6th
units: Earth’s processes and the Real
graders was presented with a different
Water Cycle. The Earth’s processes unit
current real problem, and they worked
involved teaching the students about
together to come up with a solution. The
how earthquakes affect the way
winning team put in extra hours to work
buildings are constructed and insured.
with WE2ST students and faculty to
Each team of 6th graders had to form a develop posters for the Research
company and ultimately bid for a job in
Symposium. The students then presented
front of a team of experts. In the water their project at the Symposium alongside
Winning 6th Grade team with their teacher,
cycle unit, the students expanded on
all of the college students.
Ms. Adams, presenting at the Research Symposium

The ConocoPhillips Center for a Sustainable
WE2ST at Colorado School of Mines was
Colorado School of Mines
formulated to promote the joint sustainability of
1500 Illinois St.
unconventional energy production and water
Golden, CO 80401
resources through education of water-energy
literate graduate and undergraduate students
and by conducting world-class research on
Advisory Board:
critical topics in the field.
Fran Vallejo, ConocoPhillips
Samer Adham, ConocoPhillips
Willie Staudt, ConocoPhillips
Michelle Mertz, CSM Foundation
Leadership Team:
Kevin Moore, CSM, CECS Dean
Terri Hogue, Director
John McCray, Deputy Director
Andrea Blaine, Assistant Director
Jessica Smith, Community-Corporate Relations
Amy Martin, Education & Outreach Specialist
Cassie Aungst, Administrative Assistant
New WE2NG Program Kicks-Off
This Summer
WE2NG is a National Science Foundation connections with industry (e.g.,
funded Research Experience for Teachers
speakers and field trips), and
program where nine K12 teachers will
embedded curriculum development
attend a full-time (40 hours/week)
workshops. Another key part of the
six week summer program at CSM
WE2NG program will be establishing
engaging in water and energy research
long-term collaborative relationships
under the direction of faculty and
with the participants by providing
graduate student mentors. The program
classroom support throughout the
will include an initial orientation session
academic year. Terri Hogue and
followed by integrated research, learning, Andrea Blaine are the directors of the
and curriculum development. Each week program and Amy Martin will be
will include components of individual
serving as the program manager.
research time, on-going workshops (e.g., WE2ST will play a big role in this
communicating science, field sampling),
program by supporting it with both
collaborative research meetings,
faculty and students.
The nation's "go-to" institution
for research, education and outreach
in the water-energy nexus