Request for Proposals
CSM Collaborative Mini-Grant Program
As awards for scientific research, particularly at NSF, become more competitive, the
significance of the Broader Impacts criterion in evaluating proposals for funding has migrated
from essential y a pass/fail standing to being an integral part of the success of the
proposal. Policy researchers on the CSM campus, including those in EB and LAIS, provide a
unique opportunity to jointly pursue research efforts that require an integration of
engineering/applied science and the public policy implications associated with those research
advances. As a university, we are well-suited to address the Broader Impacts criteria that are
becoming so important in terms of the standards set by award-granting agencies.
The Earth Resources Institute ( at CSM is requesting proposals for collaborative
research efforts between engineering/science and policy researchers on campus. The goal of this
initiative is to provide financial support for teams of researchers to formulate and submit significant
research proposals to award-granting agencies. The singular objective of this mini-grant program is to
incentivize inter-disciplinary research efforts across campus, whereby some form of policy analysis is a
key component.
Award Information: Up to 4 awards in the first round; each team award is $25,000
Eligibility: CSM tenure/tenure-track or research faculty from all departments and divisions on campus.
Proposals must include some aspect of policy analysis or investigation of societal benefits/costs
associated with the science/engineering component of research.
Proposal Preparation and Submission: Proposals should be limited to 3 pages in length and include a
description of the interdisciplinary nature of the work, an explanation of the Broader Impacts
implications associated with the work, as well as the proposed funding agency or agencies where the
larger proposal will be submitted. For more information regarding the Broader Impacts discussion,
please see
Deadline: Proposals are due on or before April 1, 2015. All proposals should be submitted electronically
to Michael R. Walls, Interim Director, Division of Economics & Business at Final
grant proposals to award agencies must be submitted within 6 months of mini-grant award.
Proposal Review: An interdisciplinary team of CSM researchers will review the proposals and make
recommendations regarding the mini-grant awards.
Award Administration: Award decisions will be announced on April 15, 2015.
Questions and Contact: Please contact Michael R Walls at or at 303.273.3492 for
additional information.