Mother’s Rooms – General Guidelines for Use
Updated 11/18/16

In order to support the wellness and parenting needs of faculty, staff, and students,
Colorado School of Mines has dedicated wellness/ mothers’ rooms in several campus
buildings. These are private spaces dedicated for the purposes of expressing breast milk,
nursing a child, administering medicine, and/or other medically necessary activities.
Privacy is of utmost importance to the users of these spaces.

 Student Center 316
 Starzer Welcome Center 324
 Hill Hall 236

Each room includes:
A sink, counter, microwave, refrigerator, electrical outlets, and comfortable seating.
Nursing mothers should provide their own breast pumps, attachments, and cleaning
supplies. Other amenities may vary by location.

How do I request to use the wellness/mother’s room?
 Users intending to use the room regularly should request Blastercard access to the
room by submitting a request via the request form at

 Requests will typically receive a response within 3 business days.
 Initial Blastercard access requests will be limited to no more than a 12-month
duration, but may be extended as needed.
 Occasionally, a student, employee or campus visitor may need temporary use of the
room. To gain access for temporary use, contact the appropriate office or person
listed below.

Are there any limitations on how the room may be used?
 The rooms are dedicated for the purposes of expressing breast milk, nursing a child,
administering medicine, and/or other medically necessary activities.
 Non-medically necessary activities, or non-lactation related activities, such as
meditation, prayer, food preparation, napping and studying are not permitted.
 The rooms are not intended to provide space to rest for those with medical
conditions that are highly contagious from contact with contaminated surfaces, such
as influenza, stomach viruses, common cold, etc. Individuals who are sick with such
conditions should stay home and seek medical care, as needed.
 Feel free to put up baby pictures on the bulletin board, post messages to others, or
bring in articles or magazines for others to share.
 Use of the microwave and refrigerator is for the preparation, storage, and sanitation
of medical and lactation equipment only. Each user should ensure that the
microwave and refrigerator are cleaned after each use. Do not store or prepare
food or beverage in the microwave or refrigerator.
 Storage of medicine, expressed breast milk, equipment or personal items in the
wellness/mother’s room is solely at your own risk. Colorado School of Mines
accepts no liability for any personal items, medicine, or expressed breast milk left
in the room.
 Expressed milk must be removed from the room daily by no later than 7:00 pm.
 For cleanliness and out of courtesy for other users, do not use this room to change
your baby’s diaper, or dispose of dirty diapers.

For information on how to safely handle and store expressed breast milk:

Specific guidelines of use may vary for each mother’s room. Please review the specific
guidelines for the room you intend to use and/or contact person the appropriate if you
have questions or concerns.

Student Center 316:
Student Life office, Student Center 234, 8am – 5 pm, Mon-Fri; or
Lisa Goberis, Student Life, 303-273-3230,

Starzer Welcome Center 324:
Jenny Graser. Admissions, 303-273-3137,

Annette Schoon, Mines Foundation, 303-273-3137,

Hill Hall 236:
Nancy Progar, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, 303-273-3660,