Revised 07/2015
Restaurant Exception
Procurement Card Program
Cardholder Information
Cardholder Name:
Date Requested:
Last 4 Digits of Card:
Reason for Exception
Terms and Conditions of Exception
All Purchases must follow the Propriety of Expenditures Policy regarding Food and Related Consumables
Appropriate Uses
Food for Official Functions, including training, community relations, employee recognition, good will functions (for
guests or volunteers), recruiting functions, etc. NOTE: If only School associates and employees attend the official
function then functions should be limited to infrequent meetings (Less than 2 times a year) or training events. These
are usually multi-unit or campus events. Food is allowed for continuing education courses.
Student Functions
Inappropriate Uses
Food for standing, regular meetings or staff meetings
Regular business meals with only employees or associates even to discuss CSM business
Food and related consumables for the employee's personal consumption
Coffee, snack food, candy if it is primarily meant for School employee consumption
Meals for employees while in travel status
Additional Documentation Required
Appropriateness of Expenditure form for all meal purchases over $50.00
A line item receipt that not only shows what all was purchased but any gratuity paid. NOTE: The School will only pay
up to 20% in gratuity
Cardholder Acknowledgment & Certification of Signature
I hereby acknowledge that an exception has been made for my Procurement Card so that I may make purchases at
restaurants for Official Functions and Student Functions. I agree to comply with all terms and conditions that are
stipulated with this exemption. I understand that not following these rules will result in a Violation Notification.
Cardholder Signature
Approving Officials' Signature