Procurement Card Program

Who Can Have a P-Card
 Faculty and staff
 Graduate Students with a stipulated contract start
and end date
 Other Persons of Interest
All users must be approved by their Department
Head, Vice President, or Director

Why Use the P-Card
It is the preferred method of purchasing items
under $4,500 for Mines
 The Procurement Card is an easy way to make
purchases for Colorado School of Mines
 There is less paperwork involved in P-Card
transactions than there is with the other purchasing
methods on campus
 Allocations of transactions are simple

Allowable Purchases
•Office Supplies
•Lab Supplies
•Reference Materials
•Office Furniture

Unallowable Purchases
• Restaurant and Fast Food
• Lab Chemicals
• Travel for CSM Employees
• Gift Cards
• Alcohol
• Logo/Trademark
For Official Policy regarding these purchases please refer to the Colorado School
of Mines Propriety of Expenditures Policy found on the Controller’s Website:

Tests of Propriety
 Is the purchase for official School business?
 Is the purchase reasonable?
 Is it in the best interest of the School?
 Is it the most effective way to accomplish the business?
 Is it in compliance with policies, procedures, and rules?
 Do we have the available resources for this purchase?
 Is it directly beneficial to the department?
 Is it in compliance with the School’s Conflict of Interest Provisions?
If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a purchase please
contact the Procurement Card Administrator: Cathy Daniels 303-273-3264

As a Procurement Card holder you are responsible
for following CSM policies and procedures including
but not limited to the ones found in the:
 Colorado School of Mines Financial Policies
 Procurement Rules (
 Direct Charge Policies (for purchases related to
Sponsored Projects) (
 Procurement Card Handbook

Transaction Documentation
All transactions must have an Itemized Receipt
with the following:
 Description and Quantity of items
 Price of items
 Total amount of transaction
 Shipping charges if applicable
 Date of purchase
 Transaction ID Number
 Vendor Name

Transaction Documentation
 You must have your receipts on file for 3 years unless you are
purchasing under a Sponsored Project which you are required to
keep receipts for 10 years. (Per State Financial Records Retention Guidelines)
 Each month your Approving Official (Supervisor/Department
Head) must sign off on your credit card statement. This will be
checked during audits.
Useful Tip: An easy way to do this is to create a folder for each month’s
transactions and place any receipts into the folder whenever you make a
purchase. By the time your statement comes in the mail you’ll know where all
of your receipts are for that billing cycle.

Missing a Receipt?
 Contact the vendor to see if you can obtain another
copy of the receipt.
 If this cannot be done please fill out the
Unavailable Documentation Form

Reallocating is the process that we use to determine
which Index and Account the purchase will be
charged to.
The School uses a web-based program called
Access Online for all reallocations of transactions
made through the Procurement Card.

All reallocations must be completed within 10 days of the transaction being posted in
Access Online. All transactions that are not reallocated within that time period will be
posted to your default Index and Account code
Anything that needs to be changed from the default Index and Account Code will
require a Journal Entry
When reallocating you are required to provide:
• 6-Digit Index Code
• 4-Digit Account Code
• Up to 24-Character Description of the transaction
Note: The Description
now appears in Banner!!!
What your transaction will look like in Banner:

Access Online Log In
Organization Short Name: MINES
User ID/Password: Given to you
by the P-Card Administrator
Forgotten Password: No need
to call the P-Card Administrator
– you can find it here…

First Time Log-In
 The first time you log in to Access Online you will be
prompted to change your password.
Valid Passwords are 8-10 alpha/numeric
characters and one special character. You must use
at lease one of each.
 There will be a Licensing Agreement that you will need to
scroll to the bottom of and click “I Accept” to continue.

First time User Information
Password: You can update your password and change your security question
Contact Information: Address, email, and phone numbers. This helps you be able to
reset your password and helps us know where you wish to have information sent to you.

Transaction Management
This helps you view transactions from the current billing cycle (The 11th of each
month to the 10th of the next month) and up to six months back. If you need to see
transactions older than six months please contact the P-Card Administrator.

Transaction Management
If you are disputing a charge
Indicates how much
Shows you if the transaction
this is where the system will
detail can be viewed
information has been pulled
indicate that the dispute is in
on transaction
into Banner
Indicates that you have
reallocated your transaction
This indicates what
Index/Account/Description has
been assigned to the transaction

Transaction Management
Click Hyperlink for
more Transaction
Available Transaction Information
Transaction Summary
Transaction Line Items (when provided by Vendor)
Transaction will have line item
detail when III is indicated in
the transaction summary

Transaction Management
Check next to the transactions
you wish to reallocate
Click to Reallocate

Transaction Management
Fields to Edit: Index/Account Code/Description
Enables you to distribute charges between
multiple Indexes/Account Codes. Click to
Click to Save
add as many distributions as you need

Disputing charges
In the Transaction Detail
screen click the Dispute button
at the bottom of the screen
You will receive this notice
along with a step by step guide
to dispute the charge

Monthly Approvals
At the end of each billing cycle you will receive a
paper statement from US Bank detailing the
transactions made (or you can print your own
statement at any time). Please keep this with your
receipts that are in that billing cycle.
All Statements provided by the bank must be signed by the
appropriate Department Head, Director, or Vice President.

P-Card Violations
Violations are monitored on a point based system.
Violations are issued on a weighted system (from 15-150
points per violation).
If a cardholder receives 150 points within two fiscal years,
the card will be suspended for a minimum of 6 months
pending completion of P-Card re-training.
Continued misuse of the P-Card beyond a two year period
of time may result in the permanent suspension of the
card at the discretion of the Controller.

P-Card Violations
Purchasing Violations
 Card Abuse/Employee Fraud – 150 Points
 Contract without authorized signature – 75 Points
 Inappropriate purchase – 50 Points
 Non-Mandatory Price Agreement Vendor – 25 Points
 Taxes Charged – 15 Points

P-Card Violations
P-Card Specific Violations
 Split Purchases – 75 Points
 Cash or Cash-Like Transactions – 75 Points
 Liquor Purchase – 50 Points
 Travel/Travel-Related Expenses – 50 Points
 Sharing Credit Card/Number – 25 Points
 Documentation Failure – 15 Points
 Inadvertent personal purchase – 15 points

Exception Forms must be filled out and signed by:
 Approving Official
 Controller
Exceptions May Include:
 Restaurants
 Cycle Limit over $20,000
 Telecom

Changes to Cards
If for some reason you need to have your card changed please ask your
Approving Official to fill out the Cardholder Update form and send it to the
Procurement Card Administrator.
P-Card Administrator:
Changes might include:
Cathy Daniels
•Single Purchase Limit (Max $4,500)
•Spending Limit per Cycle
•Departmental Changes
•Location Change
•Default Index/Account Code Change

Activating the P-Card
 Call the phone number on the face of your card:
 Enter in Card Number
 Enter in the billing zip code: 80401
 When asked for your Social Security Number –
enter the last four digits of your CWID
 Enter in your Phone #

Card Lost or Stolen or Fraud?
If your card is lost, stolen or you
suspect fraud on your card
immediately call
US Bank: 800-344-5696
Then notify the P-Card Administrator:
Remember: Any time you talk to the bank and they request
the last 4-digits of your social security number give them the
last 4-digits of your CWID. This is the number they have on

If you have any questions please contact the
Procurement Card Administrator:
Cathy Daniels