State Travel Management Program

“Working Together To Serve Colorado”

Auto Rental Driver Responsibilities

Participant agrees the rental vehicle will not be used:

A. by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or any prohibited drugs.

B. for any illegal purpose.

C. to push or tow another vehicle unless the vehicle is equipped for towing and is specified in the
rental agreement.

D. to carry passengers or property for hire.

E. in a test, race or contest.

F. by an unlicensed driver.

G. by a person other than an authorized Traveler with the minimum driver requirements.

H. outside of the United States except where such use is specifically authorized by the Contract.

I. off paved, graded or maintained roads, or driveways, except when the Contractor has agreed to
this in writing beforehand. SUV’s, cargo vans and pick-up trucks shall be allowed, without
Contractor’s prior written agreement, to operate off paved, graded or maintained roads and
driveways or roads open for use by high-clearance vehicles (Maintenance Level 2 definition for
roads in National Forests)

J. by a driver who allows more passengers to occupy the vehicle than there are seatbelts or who
does not require all passengers to comply with applicable seatbelt and child restraint laws.

K. by a driver who is under 18 years of age

L. by a driver or occupant who is smoking.

3.2 Participants shall not use passenger vans with a capacity of 10 or more passengers to
transport children in the twelfth (12th) grade or younger for school related functions.

3.3 Participants shall not operate or use passenger vans with a capacity of 10 or more passengers
in the District of Columbia, the States of Florida, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode
Island and the country of Canada.

3.4 FULL FUEL TANKS: Participant shall return a vehicle to the Contractor with a full tank of fuel,
or partially filled if the vehicle is an AFV that uses compressed natural
gas. If Participant returns the vehicle to Contractor with less than a full tank of fuel,
Contractor may invoice Participant for the missing fuel at the average retail cost of fuel for the
market at the return location.

State Purchasing Office / 633 17th Street, Ste. 1520, Denver, CO 80202 / P: 303.866.3986 / C: 303.598.9617 / F: 303.894.7445
Lenora Kingston, State Travel Manager