Colorado School of Mines
Procedures for Use of the CSM Event Card
The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) Event Card shall be used only for Official School
Business related to non-employee travel, employee group travel, and official functions.
The Event Card should not be used for items such as office supplies, software, lab
supplies, postage, reference materials, tools, etc. These purchases may be put on your
CSM P-Card. Gift cards, lab chemicals, and office furniture may not be purchased with
an Event Card.
In some instances, alcohol purchases will be allowed, as long as they are in compliance
with CSM's Financial Policies and the MCC codes have been activated for that
cardholder. Also, the Event Card may now be used to purchase airfare for non-
employee travel and employee group travel. Airfare for individual employee travel shall
be purchased on either the School issued individual travel card, the ghost card through a
CSM approved travel agency or on the employee's personal credit card. The Event
Card will have CDW and LDW insurance included for rental cars.
The Event Card will have a $25,000 individual purchase limit and a $25,000 cycle limit
and is the preferred method of payment for authorized charges.
The Event Card is a corporate liability card and all purchases in the State of Colorado
are tax exempt. The School's tax exempt number is printed on each Event Card.
Cardholders may include any faculty or staff. Department Heads, Vice Presidents or
Directors are responsible for approving applications and designating cardholders for
their department
Each cardholder's department is responsible for keeping itemized receipts for three
years. If the purchase is being charged to a sponsored project, receipts must be
maintained for ten years. The cardholder is also responsible for coding each month's
transactions and obtaining the appropriate Department Head, Director or Vice
President's approval indicated by signing each monthly statement. The monthly billing
cycle will continue to close on the 201

each month. Monthly statements and
documentation must be forwarded to the A/P Desk by the 10 th of the month following

the close of the billing cycle. Each cardholder will have online access to their card
activity including the ability to print statements.
Applications may be found on the CSM's Travel website @ Payable-Travel.
Any questions or concerns may be directed to Cathy Daniels, Event Card
Administrator at 303-273-3264.

Revised 2/25/14