Resolving Credits in TEM

1) Log into TEM and go into your Expense Reports to determine which report the original charge is on
(example TR00001).
2) Now go into “Credit Card Charges Travel” and click on the box next to the credit you want to resolve.
From the drop down menu select “More Actions”, then select “Resolve”. This will bring up a screen with
the credit listed.
3) Click on “Search for Complete Charges”, this will take you to a list of your completed charges. When you
locate the correct charge (use the TR number you looked up earlier to help identify the correct charge),
click on it (the line will be highlighted now), then hit “Select” in the lower right corner.
4) A new box appears with the credit and the charge you have selected. You now have 2 options to choose
from in the lower right corner. A) If the charge is the wrong transaction, hit cancel and return to step 3
above and “Search for Complete Charges”, then repeat step to locate the correct charge. B) If the credit
and the charge are correct, hit save.
5) The transaction now goes into a queue in Banner where it is waiting for the correct index and account
code to be added (done by Cathy Daniels). Please send an email to Cathy at and
provide the name of the vendor, amount of the credit and the index/account code from the original
charge so the transaction can be updated and completed in Banner.
6) Please contact Cathy Daniels at 303-273-3264 with any questions regarding resolving credits in TEM.