Available Balance Quick Reference Guide

How do I find my Available Balance?
Fund Balance (aka 'Cash Funded')
Budget Funded Accounts
Professional/Research Development (1xxxxx)
Auxiliary (3xxxxx)
School-side Gift (27xxxx)
Agency (8xxxxx)
Dept. Operating (2xxxxx)
Internet Native Banner (INB)
*Fund 1001 – Unique Org
Internet Native Banner (INB)
Form: FGITBSR (see Note 1)

Form: FRIGITD (see Note 3)
Foundation Gift (6xxxxx)

Internet Native Banner (INB)
Fund Balance Checkbook Detail report
Form: FGIBDST (See Note 2)
Grant Inception to Date or Budget
Balance Checkbook Detail reports
Self Service Banner - Finance
CSM Budget Status or Budget Balance
Checkbook Detail reports
Self Service Banner - Finance
Self Service Banner - Finance
Budget Status by Acct query
Budget Status by Account query
(Enter grant #)
Note 1: Current Fund Balance is displayed at the bottom right. If
Debit/Credit field at bottom reads: ‘Credit’ = surplus / ‘Debit’ = deficit.

If there are any encumbrances, you must subtract the ‘Current Balance’
in account code ‘3011 (Encumbrance Control Actual)’ to get the
Available Balance.
Note 3: Crosscheck to e~Print or Self Service Banner Finance (SSB). The FRIGITD
Note 2: Make sure to uncheck the Include Revenue Account checkbox for the
form works best for those with Master Fund and Master Org security access.
available balance to show.
Those without this access are encouraged to use e~Prints or SSB.