Banner Index Codes

The Index code is a data-entry shortcut for the Fund code, Org code, and Program code in Banner
Finance (FO-P’s). Implementation of the Index has greatly decreased data entry coding errors for
financial transactions.

Here is how it works:

Instead of writing your full Fund - Org – Account (object) - Program (FOAP) code numbers on any of your
accounting forms (Contracts, Purchase Orders, Journal Entries, ISSV’s, Petty Cash, Travel TA/TE,
Voucher Requests, etc.) you should now use Index – Account(object) code.

Expense examples:

FOAP way: 112233 - 50046 - 5535 - 1200 Professional Dev fund example
Index way: 112233 - 5535

FOAP way: 1001 - 50840 - 5535 - 1600 Operating budget example
Index way: 210544 - 5535

Finding your Index code (it’s easy!)

If you have an ‘account’ that has a new unique 6-digit fund number, your index code is the *same* as
your fund number1. For older research projects, your index code is the same as the 6-digit ORS research
project (the old FRS) number beginning with a 4. If your ‘account’ has a common fund (1001, 112458,
127813, etc.) that is used with a unique Org code, then you’l need to use the CrossWalk utility and
search by the Org: 2

Special note regarding Deposits:

For deposits, you may use your Index code in exactly the same way as expenses, with exception that you
must use a revenue account code (4xxx). The program code (P) will remain the same as the default listed
on the index (no need for revenue program codes). For a list of commonly used revenue (and expense)
account codes, please see our website here or:

Need more info?

Please contact Kwang Cho (x3448 or in the Control er’s Office if you have any
questions regarding the use of Banner Index codes. Updated versions of our pre-numbered multi-part
forms are available from the CSM Warehouse.

1 Some exceptions exist for Student Life and the Colorado Geological Survey.
2 For older ‘accounts’ associated with the Fund 1001 (General Fund), the Index is the FRS (legacy financial
accounting system) number. Newer Index codes for unique Org codes in the General Fund are typically 2 + Org
code value.