Contract Approvals

Approval Requests
Make an Approval
Contract approvals are reviews of contracts for specific purposes (e.g. legal
As an Approver you have two options:
review). You wil be requested to make an approval when you wil receive an
1. Approve: Change the Approval Status field (red arrow) to Approved. Add
email like the fol owing:
any Approval Notes you would like. Then click Save.

2. Reject: Change the Approval Status field (red arrow) to Rejected. When
rejecting, you must provide an explanation in the Approval Notes. Then
click Save.

The email wil be From Mines-Contracts@esmsolutions.com and the Subject
wil contain the Contract number and the request to approve. The email
contains basic contract information and a link to open the Mines Contract &
Research System (CRS) in order for you to perform the approval.
§ Do not reply to this email. It goes back to the vendor.
§ Do not forward this email. Contact Biz Ops instead (see Questions

Review Contract Documents
To get started with the reviewing and approval process, click on the “here

hyperlink in the body of the email. You wil be taken to the Approval screen

shown at right. You can review contract documents as appropriate. Contract
Once you complete your approval, the contract wil proceed automatical y to
documents are listed in the Approval Packet Files section (blue arrow).
the next approver and you wil be logged out of the system.

Questions? Please contact Biz Ops/Procurement at 303-273-3268 or contracts@mines.edu.