Contract Portal

CRS Home Page
Before starting a procurement contract request, you are required to submit a
The Mines Contract & Research System (CRS) is located at:
requisition to procurement. In the "Start a Contract" view (below), only
complete content under the "Contract Details" tab.
ines_Production&State=Main&euiurl=/eui2template/main.php. Login with

your MultiPass credentials. The CRS home page looks like:
Contract Details: Contains all the required fields you must complete to
initiate the contract request.

Purchase Orders: If this contract request becomes an active contract, this
tab will contain purchase order information.
Related and Renewal Contracts: Associate the new contract with a parent
contract or if renewing, associate it with the expired contract.
Approvals: All approvals associated with this contract reside under this
tab. You can track the progression of your approvals.

Completing Contract Information
Make sure your browser allows pop-ups. If necessary, google “enable pop
ups” for your browser (e.g. Firefox) and follow the directions.
Start a Contract
Click "Start a Contract" to initiate contract requests for either procurement
or facilities use. For all other, non-research related contracts, contact the
appropriate campus office (below) to initiate a contract request.
 Athletics and Recreational/Club Sports

Campus Events
Step 1: Contract Owner Section
 Continuing and Professional Education Services
The contract owner section automatically populates with your organizational

information from Banner. Please contact HR/Payrol to update if needed.
Design and Construction

Legal Services
If you are starting a contract on behalf of someone else (e.g. department head,
 Technology Transfer
faculty member), change the Owner Name field to them by using the search
magnifying glass to find their name.

If the contract wil be run through a center, be sure to select the center.

Questions? Please contact Biz Ops/Procurement at 303-273-3268 or contracts@mines.edu.


Contract Portal
Step 2: Basic Contract Info
All blank fields with a red asterisk are required (below) and must be
completed before you will be allowed to save or submit the contract.
1. Complete the Contracting Office field first, either Procurement or
Facilities Use.
2. Then select the Cost Type, either Revenue or Expenditure.
3. Then choose the Contract Type.

Step 3: Company Details Section – Party 1 Legal Name
Before completing company/vendor information, the vendor must be in
Banner. Therefore, if you are unable to find your company/vendor submit

a W-9 to procurement@mines.edu and it will be created. Otherwise
Step 4: Company Detail Section – Party 1 Contact Name
complete vendor information as described below:
For some vendors/companies, the contacts may reside in the CRS.
1. Click on the search magnifying glass next to the Party 1 Legal Name
1. Click on the search magnifying glass next to the Party 1 Contact Name
2. A new window opens with a list of vendor/company names (at
2. A new window opens with a list of contacts for the vendor/company.
There may or may not be some contacts.
3. Use the search box at the top of the screen to search company
3. If you find your contact in the new window, click the red arrow to the
left of their name. Otherwise, click the green Cancel button.
4. Toggle to All Text Fields if you want your search to include other
4. If you do not find your contact in the list, manually type in their name
fields like the vendor's ID, address, phone, email, etc.
and email address.
5. When you find your company, click the red arrow to the left of their

name to populate the field of Party 1 Legal Name.

Questions? Please contact Biz Ops/Procurement at 303-273-3268 or contracts@mines.edu.


Contract Portal

Step 5: Contract Details Section

This section describes the purpose, dates and dol ar amount of your
contract. If you have this information in a separate document, you will still
need to provide a brief summary here. You may then upload your
document under the Contract Documents section described in the Step 6.

Step 6: Contract Documents
To add a statement of work of other detailed information that you have in
another document, fol ow the steps below.
1. Click on New. A new window opens (see top right image).
2. Complete a title for your document.

3. Select the type of document you are uploading.
Step 7: Save or Submit
4. Then drag your document to the box that says Drag&Drop files.
You are ready to save or submit your contract request:
5. When the Drag&Drop box turns red, you wil see your document
1. Save and Continue – saves the record as a draft and allows you to
attach to this screen.
continue working. Al required fields must be completed before save.
6. Then click Save.
2. Submit for Review – saves and submits your contract request to the
7. Your document attaches to the Start a Contract view (see lower
right image).
3. Save – saves your contract request and returns you to the CRS home

page. You must still submit your contract request.

4. Cancel – cancels your contract request and all work is lost.

Questions? Please contact Biz Ops/Procurement at 303-273-3268 or contracts@mines.edu.


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