Backup Approver
9. The images below show before and after.
Backup Approvers
10. Then click Save.
The Mines Contract & Research System (CRS) allows you to set a backup

approver when you will be out of electronic contact. You do not need to set a
backup approver if you have electronic access because you do not need to
use the Mines VPN to make approvals and the CRS is mobile friendly.
Set a Backup Approver
Follow these instructions to set a backup approver:
1. Ensure your backup approver is on your team within the CRS. You do not
have a way to check this and this has most likely be set by Biz Ops/
Procurement. If you have questions or know you have a new employee,
contact Biz Ops before setting a backup approver.
2. Go to the Mines Contract & Research System (CRS):


3. Login with your MultiPass credentials. The CRS home page is below.

What Happens When I Set a Backup Approver
4. Make sure your browser allows pop-ups. If necessary, google “enable
Primary approvers continue to receive all approver request emails.
pop ups” for your browser (e.g. Firefox) and follow the directions.

5. Click on My Profile.
Backup approvers receive an email saying they are your backup approver
6. Change the Work Status field to Out of Office.
until your return date.
7. This will cause the Return Date field to appear. Complete it.
When the return date is reached, backup approvers receive an email
8. Enter a Backup Person. Use the magnifying glass to find them.
saying they are no longer your backup app

Questions? Please contact Biz Ops/Procurement at 303-273-3268 or contracts@mines.edu.

FEB 2018

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