Contract Signatures

Signature Requests

Contract signatures are the legal binding that put the contract into effect.
You wil be requested to make a signature when you receive an email like the
fol owing from DocuSign:

On the blue background of the email you wil

See who is asking you to sign the contract and ensure it is coming

from the appropriate department at Mines.
4. Then within the document click Sign (in red) to add your signature See the
blue arrow below.
Be able to click Review Documents to see the contract.
5. Click Finish when you are done signing.
Sign the Contract
6. A question from DocuSign may appear. Click No or No Thanks.
To sign the contract electronical y. Fol ow these steps:

1. Within the email you received, click Review Documents.
2. With the DocuSign environment, click Continue. This wil al ow you to
review the contract. See the images in the next column.
3. Click Start at the top of the document to be taken to the first location
within the document that needs your signature. Other information
about you may fil automatically.

Questions? Please contact Biz Ops/Procurement at 303-273-3268 or contracts@mines.edu.