School of Mines
Electronic Requisition Training

What is an Electronic Requisition?
It is an electronic entry straight into Banner that starts
the process to obtain a purchase order. Instead of
filling out a PAPER requisition – you will simply request it
via Banner.
The information you provide in Banner is what is
ultimately sent to the Vendor to place your order.

Why an Electronic Requisition?
Less Paper!
Entry goes straight into Banner!
Ensures completeness and accuracy!
Everything is routed electronically!
Process time is shown to be significantly less!!

First Steps (Getting Access)
Fill out Electronic Req Access Form
Obtain your Department Head’s signature on form
Sent to Purchasing
From there, Purchasing will facilitate you being set
up in “INB Banner”
Verify that you have access to INB Banner

Creating an Electronic Req
Log in to Banner INB
Banner Home Screen
Type in: FPAREQN then
hit the “Tab” button on
the keyboard.

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Type in: NEXT then hit
“Next Block”
Tips & Tricks: Next Block
“Next Block” is Banner’s way of taking you to
new screens. You can do it two ways:
- “Ctrl” and “Page Down”
- Select the “Next Block” Icon

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Type in Order Date,
Requestor/Delivery Information Screen
Transaction Date, and
Delivery Date (The
delivery date is the date
that the order can be
expected to be
delivered/performed by
the vendor)
Tips & Tricks:
Try typing in the letter
“T” in to this box then
hitting ‘Tab’. This should
fil in the date for you.

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Requestor/Delivery Information Screen
Type in Requestor’s
Type in Organization
Type in requestor’s
contact phone number
Type in Requestor’s
Type in Requestor’s
Email Address
name again in the
“Attention To” field

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Summary of fields that need to change:
- Order date, transaction date, and delivery date: Type in dates
- Requestor: Type in Requestor’s Name
- Organization: Type in ORG (If using multiple ORGs – type in the ORG
that is paying for the largest portion of the order)
- Email: Type in email of requestor
- Phone: Type in phone number/extension of requestor
- Attention To: Type the Requestor’s Name

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Vendor Information Screen
To search for a vendor
click here on the drop
down arrow
Click on Entity
Name/ID Search

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
To Find a Vendor:
- Tab to “Last Name”
- Type in the partial or full
name followed by “%”
- Press F8 to execute or click
the “Execute Query” button
Note: Vendor numbers are
in the fol owing format:
10XXXXXX. Any vendor
with a number in a format
other than that is no longer
Once you select a vendor by double clicking it – Banner will take you back to the
Vendor Information Screen

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Tips & Tricks: Finding a Vendor
Finding a vendor can be very tricky and it takes practice to learn the easiest way to find
what you’re looking for. Everyone who has entered a vendor might have had a unique
way of doing it. A few things to keep in mind…
- Vendors are Case Sensitive. Many times the first letter is capitalized and the second one is
not. This may be true even in acronyms. Example: VWR might be found as “Vwr”
-“%” is a wildcard. That means that it searches for anything that might be where you’ve
placed it. If you don’t know if a word has an “I” or an “E” in it – put a “%” in its place so it will
search anything. Example: Kar%n will bring up both Karin and Karen.
- You don’t need to type in the full name. In fact, if you just use the “%” – you’ll have a
much better chance of finding tricky vendors
Note: If one search doesn’t work – press “F7” to clear your old
search and try something new

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
If you DON’T Find the Vendor:
- Contact the desired Vendor and request their W-9/W-8 BEN (for international vendors).
- If the vendor is performing a service a PERA Certification Form will also need to be sent to
the vendor.
- Email completed W-9 to Purchasing for Vendor Set-up at
W-9/W-8 BEN and PERA Certification Forms can be found at:

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Double check to
make sure that the
address is the one
that you want. (We
need to use the address
found on the quote)
Discount: Type in “30” to
If the address isn’t the
indicate Net 30 Days
one you need – use
the drop down arrow
next to Address Type
to see available
Type in Vendor’s Email

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Vendor Address Screen
Navigate through the
addresses by using the
arrows on your
NOTE: If you do not
find the correct
address, notify
Purchasing through
the Procurement
Email Address that an
address needs to be
added to a vendor
Double click on the correct address. This wil take you back to the Vendor Information Screen.

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Commodity/Accounting Screen
Type in item being
purchased. Be detailed
and use product numbers
where applicable.
(Remember: This is what
the vendor will see when
the order is placed)
If more room is required for
proper data entry – go to the
Item Text Screen by clicking
“Options” then “Item Text”

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Item Text Screen
Entering Item Text:
- Hit “Next Block” to get to the text
- Enter remaining description using
keyboard arrows as necessary.
- When completed hit the “Save”
button on the toolbar.
- Click the “X” on the tool bar to
return to the
Commodity/Accounting Screen

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Type in your desired “Unit
of Measurement” (U/M)
NOTE: For a selection of
U/M options click on the
drop down arrow to search
Type in quantity desired
Type in price of each
unit to be purchased
for the appropriate U/M.
- Tab back to the “Description” box
- Hit “Next Block”

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Type in the Banner Index Number.
Type in the amount you
(This will pre-fill the “Fund”, “Orgn”,
want to charge to this
and “Prog” boxes)
Type in the appropriate
Index and Account Code.
Account Code
Tab al the way back to the
“Index” box.
NOTE: If more than one Banner Index or Account Code is to be used tab back to the Index Box and use the down arrow key to move to the
next line.
Amount of FOAPAL Line
Total Amount of ALL

NOTE: If more than one item is being purchased repeat this process for the
remaining items by:
- Selecting “Page Up” on the Tool Bar
- Use the arrow key to go to the next line in the Description column
- Repeat the process for entering an item and Accounting Information

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
When you’re finished with the entry your screen will look like this:
NOTE: Only the funding for the individual line will show up on this screen at
any given time. To view what funding you used for each line please scrol
through the lines under the Description column.

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
Authorization Page Information: This page will be sent to Purchasing for them
to process your Requisition and turn it into a Purchase Order.
- Print this page using the button on the toolbar
- Please have the signature authority on these funds sign this page
- If multiple funds are being used that don’t show up on the printed screen, please write
all other accounts on this page as well.
NOTE: You will need the signatures of the signing authority for each Banner Index used.

Creating an Electronic Req cont.

Double Check Before Completing…
The Vendor name and address match the Quotation
The “Discount” is filled in with “30”
The Commodity Description is detailed enough to instruct the
vendor on exactly what you want to purchase
Any quote or estimate number is referenced in the commodity
The Banner Index and Account Number is appropriately indicated

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
NOTE: This is your Requisition Number.
Please note it on the information you
send to Purchasing.
Balance/Completion Screen
Double check that the
“Status” column has the word
“BALANCED” in each row. If
not – go back to the
screen to make corrections.
If all the information is
If the information is not
correct – click “Complete”
complete click “In Process”
to complete later

Creating an Electronic Req cont.
After completion or putting a Req
“In Process” you will be taken back
to this screen.
Finishing the Process: In order to finish the entire process for the
Purchasing Office to complete the order please send to them the
fol owing:
- Back-Up Information (quotes)
- Printed version of the Commodity/Accounting screen with
necessary signatures
In case you missed it you can find the
Requisition Number here (R000xxx)
Congratulations! You have completed your Electronic Requisition Entry!

Write down your
Req Number!!!

Sending it to Purchasing
Attach to an email:
Scanned copy of the Authorization Page (with signatures)
Backup Documentation (including quotations and/or
Email everything to:
Remember the Email Subject Line:
“Requisition – R000XXXX”

If you have any questions please contact the
Purchasing Office:
Purchasing Team
Rita Kowalski - 303.273.3972
Megan Averch - 303.273.3268
Michael Craig - 303.273.3972
Danielle Davis – 303.273.3258
Jacqueline O’Bryan - 303.273.3062
Natalie Martinez – 303.273.3569