Revised 11/2011
Violation Notification
Procurement Card Program
Cardholder Information
Cardholder Name:
Date Issued:
Reported By:
Transaction Information
Transaction Date:
Transaction Amount:
Merchant Name:
Items Purchased:
Type of Violation/Points to be Issued
This transaction has been found to be in violation of Procurement Card policy. An accumulation of 150 points over a rolling 2 year
period will result in the card being suspended for 6 months pending the completion of P-Card re-training.
Purchasing Violations
Card abuse/Employee Fraud (Report to the P-Card Administrator and Internal Audit ) 150 Points
Contract without authorized signature 75 Points
Inappropriate purchase (per Sensitive Expenditure Policy - must be reimbursed ) 50 Points
Non-Mandatory Price Agreement Vendor purchase 25 Points
Taxes Charged (Note - we are not exempt from out of State taxes) 15 Points
P-Card Specific Violations
Split Purchases (Item or group of times totaling over cardholder's single purchase limit ) 75 Points
Cash or Cash-Like Transactions (Includes Gift Cards ) 75 Points
Liquor Purchase (Purchase must be reallocated appropriately in addition to violation ) 50 Points
Travel/Travel-Related Expenses (Does not include conference registrations ) 50 Points
Sharing Credit Card and Credit Card Number 25 Points
Documentation Failure (Includes missing receipt and/or statement not signed by Approving Official. Missing receipt
also requires Unavailable Documentation Form) 15 Points
Services from an individual or a sole-proprietor/1099 Reportable services 15 Points
Inadvertent personal purchase (must be reimbursed ) 15 Points
Cardholder Explanation
Cardholder Acknowledgment & Certification of Signature
I hereby acknowledge that the above transaction is in violation of Procurement Card Program policies and that
repeated violations could result in revocation of my Procurement Card. I understand that I am permitted to make
only those purchases that are in compliance with the School's policies and procedures including but not limited to:
Financial Policies, Procurement Rules, and Direct Charge Policies.
Cardholder Signature
Approving Officials' Signature

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