DATE: 7 March 2011
Guidelines for DHDD approval of cost sharing on research proposals
A. Authority
1. DHDDs are authorized to approve cost sharing for both Center and non-Center proposals
2. Do not submit cost sharing requests to the VPRTT; they will be returned without response
B. General Requirements
1. DHDDs are authorized to approve cost sharing if justified by return on investment
2. Mandatory cost sharing only - voluntary cost sharing prohibited by NSF and CSM
3. Sponsor must be a domestic (federal, state or local) government or non-profit foundation
a. Cost sharing will not be allowed for industry or non-U.S. sponsors
4. Cost sharing must be a standard, published requirement for all proposals in the program
5. Cost sharing must be partially offset by inclusion of other costs
a. AY charge-out at same or greater percentage than summer (when allowed)
b. Tuition for graduate research assistants
C. Academic-Year Teaching Relief
1. Teaching relief should be used first and will include salary, fringe and F&A Costs
2. May be used on programs that do not allow direct academic-year charge-out.
3. General guidelines for acceptable levels of cost sharing
a. About 10% teaching relief for each $100,000 per year in total project cost.
b. Normal teaching-only load of four courses (12 credit hours) per semester
c. Two courses per semester allow 50% teaching relief without additional reduction
D. F&A Cost Return
1. DHDD will receive all F&A Cost return on non-Center research
2. DHDD will develop strategy for use of all F&A Cost return (Center and Department)
3. DHDD authorized to commit F&A Cost return as cost sharing
E. Other Department/Division Resources
1. DHDD authorized to commit other department/division funds
2. DHDD can approve use of faculty accounts (e.g. startup) when requested by faculty
F. Third-Party Participation
1. DHDD must approve third-party contributions of cash or in-kind support
2. Third party must comply with legal and intellectual-property regulations
G. Specialized Facilities
1. DHDD may commit specialized facilities for in-kind cost sharing at internal rates
H. Summer Salary
1. DHDD must approve faculty cost sharing of summer commitment
I. Other Cost Sharing
1. Contact DRA to discuss other forms of cost sharing
J. Procedure:
1. Center director or PI submits request to DHDD for cost sharing
2. DHDD makes decision and sends budget to ORA at least two weeks before due date
3. ORA staff reviews budget and consults with AVP for Research as needed
4. May require additional reviews by Director of Technology Transfer or Legal Services