Office of Research Administration

As a part of ORA’s continued efforts to improve services and contributions to the research enterprise, we took a
critical look at the allocation of our staff, their strengths, campus needs and how we can better position ORA to
assist in meeting Mines’ stragetic goals. As a result of that analysis, effective July 1, we will make several
restructuring changes as follows:
Ralph Brown’s role will change from Director of ORA to the Director of Research Compliance and Industry
Outreach. A critical area of research administration is the establishment and maintenance of robust compliance
programs, specifically surrounding the areas of export control, conflict of interest, human subjects and research
misconduct. We must also work towards improving our interactions with our industry partners by ensuring
efficient and effective interactions. Ralph Brown’s experience and knowledge of research compliance and
contracting will provide the expertise required in these areas. We thank Ralph for his 10 years of leadership as
the Director of ORA. During this time Mines doubled its research volume while remaining compliant with
sponsor regulations.
Johanna Eagan will manage the operations as the Interim Director of ORA. Johanna has over 10 years in
research administration with 5 years specifically at Mines. Currently, Johanna manages the Pre-Award Team,
including Proposals, Contracts, and Research Data. Among her many successes, Johanna has led the campus
through the implementation of Cayuse and the development of the Al Funds Balance report. Johanna will begin
to work closely with the Post Award Team, including Grant Administrators, Research Billing, Financial
Compliance and Consortia Administration for a successful transition into her new role.
Debbie Rickaby will transition to be the Lead Grant Administrator. Debbie has been instrumental in assisting
campus with their post award grant administration. She has worked with almost all departments and research
centers and contributes a wealth of institutional knowledge; her problem solving skills and ability to resolve
complex issues are invaluable to the Grant Administrator Team. In Debbie’s new role, her focus will be
mentoring the Grant Administrators and providing expertise to improve grant administrative processes and
services for campus.
ORA has restructured duties of the Post Award and Financial Manager in order manage financial and accounting
functions. This position will be responsible for managing the entire Post Award Team as well as performing
accounting functions such as consortia accounting, cash management, balance sheet reconciliation, indirect cost
revenue projections and strategic management of the indirect cost rate. The revised position has been posted
and we are in the final stages of the hiring process.
A Financial Compliance Analyst will be hired to be responsible for managing the day to day functions of
consortia, cost share, sub-recipient monitoring, service center rate determinations, and small business
subcontracting. This position is currently vacant and wil be posted within the week.
As part of the transition plan, please note the following:
- ORA department assignments can be found on our webpage under About > Proposal, Contract and
Grant Assignments
- If you are in the middle of working with an individual on a task or issue, please continue to do so. New
tasks will be assigned to the new individual responsible for that function.
- A copy of the new organizational chart can be found on the website under About > Organization Chart