External sponsors may support research and design projects by CSM students through Graduate or
Undergraduate Research Fellowships (RF), Research Assistantships (RA) or Research Internships (RI).
RF and RA appointments are for work done primarily on campus or under the direct supervision of a CSM
faculty member, and they will continue to be governed by the regular research contract policies and
procedures. RI appointments are for work done primarily at the sponsor's location and under the
sponsor's supervision, and they will be governed by the following policies and procedures:
The sponsor may be any outside entity (corporation, government agency, foreign government) which
does business in areas in which CSM also is active.
The sponsor will select the students to which internships are to be given. The sponsor may advertise
the opportunity directly to students or may request that CSM advertise the opportunity and provide a
list of applicants. The sponsor may consult with CSM faculty in evaluating applicants, but the sponsor
is responsible for the final selection.
The Research Intern's work will be done primarily at the sponsor's location, and the sponsor will
assign a supervisor to direct that work.
Research interns must register for at least 3.5 hours of research, thesis or co-op credit as
appropriate. With the approval of their academic advisor and their sponsor supervisor, they may
register for additional credits. They are not required to be registered full time unless they are
international students who are required by INS to be working on their degree programs full time.
Those students must meet CSM's regular standards for full time registration.
Each Research Internship must be approved by the student's academic advisor and the faculty
member who will be the instructor of record for the research, thesis or co-op credits. That approval
must include certification that the Internship work is suitable for the academic credit to be earned. At
the end of each semester, each Intern must submit a report summarizing her or his accomplishments
under the Internship, and that report will be the basis for the student's grade in the research, thesis or
co-op credits.
The minimum compensation for an RI appointment will include a stipend, fees, insurance and tuition
for all credits for which the student is registered. The minimum stipend will be at least equal to the
minimum stipend for Graduate Research Assistants. Sponsors should be aware that tuition
payments will be taxable and should adjust the stipend accordingly.
If a Research Intern is a candidate for a research-based graduate degree at CSM, and if the work
done under the internship will be the basis for the student's thesis, then the supervisor must hold an
adjunct faculty appointment at CSM and be appointed as the student's co-advisor. In such cases, the
supervisor must have the appropriate qualifications for such an appointment and must agree to carry
out the academic responsibilities associated with the appointment; the student's home department or
division faculty must recommend the appointment, and the department head or division director and
VPAA must approve the appointment. Except in special cases, the adjunct appointment will not
include compensation from CSM.
Sponsors will contract with CSM to fund research internships through the Office of Research Services
using the same policies and procedures that apply to other research contracts. For the Internship
portion of the contract only, the indirect charge will be 10% of the stipend, and the remainder of the
contract will be subject to the standard indirect charge for that project.