Proposal Submission Procedures
Office of Research Administration (ORA)

ORA is committed to the success of Mines faculty in developing and submitting proposals. ORA’s
Proposal Analysts work in tandem with faculty during the proposal process to submit accurate
proposals that align with school and federal guidelines, policies and regulations. To that end, it is
important that ORA is notified in a timely manner to ensure adequate time for proposal review and
At the time of notification, the information provided to your Proposal Analyst should include:

- PI and Co-PI name(s)
- Period of Performance (start and end dates)
- Sponsor (prime sponsor, if applicable)
- Subcontractors (yes/no)
- Solicitation (website link or copy)
- Cost share (yes/no)
- Due Date
- Budget or information to build a budget
- Proposal Title

Types of proposals and when to notify ORA
Some proposals require more advanced notice than others as outlined below. Once notification is
received, a Proposal Analyst will work with faculty to address potential concerns and ensure timely

Type of Proposal
Proposals that Include:
When to Notify ORA
Standard proposals
Required documents, at a minimum:
Minimum One Week

• Statement of Work
5 Business Days
Submission Examples:
• Budget
basic NSF, industry, foundations
• Budget Justification
Ancilary documents may include:
• Biosketch/CV
• Current/Pending documents
• Data Management Plan
• Signed Letter of Intent from ORA
Requires minimum components of a Standard proposal
Minimum Two Weeks
More Complex Proposals
outlined above and may involve:
10 Business Days

• Subcontractors, National Labs, and/or Consultants
Submission Example:
• Cost share – cash, in-kind or 3rd party
Department of Energy
• Reduced overhead waivers
• Compliance documents – reps and certs, equipment
quotes, conflict of interest, human subjects

Late Notification
If notification was not received 24 hours prior to the sponsor’s deadline, the proposal will be
returned to the faculty member for submission in a future competition.
For all other late notifications, the PI must receive Department Head approval before contacting
ORA. If the Department Head is the PI or unavailable, late notice approval by the Dean will be
required. If a PI reaches out to a Proposal Analyst first, they will be directed to their Department
Head for approval. When contacting their Department Head, the PI wil provide their draft
proposal documents along with an explanation of why advanced notice was not provided.

1. The Department Head (or Dean) reviews the information to determine the technical readiness
of the proposal along with the draft budget details.

2. If the proposal is not ready for submission, the Department Head (or Dean) wil return it to the
faculty member for submission in a future competition. If the Department Head (or Dean)
determines that the proposal is close to complete and ready for submission, the proposal can
be forwarded to ORA.

3. ORA will determine if the late proposal can be submitted without jeopardizing the success of
other submissions. If the latter, the proposal wil be returned to the faculty member for
submission in a future competition and the Department Head (or Dean) will be notified. If it
does not jeopardize other proposals, ORA will work with the faculty to submit by the deadline.
Submitting Proposals
Proposal Analysts are authorized and responsible to submit proposals for faculty. Faculty should
not submit proposals without ORA approval.
Deadlines for Submissions
Completed proposals wil be submitted by 5 PM MST on the day of the deadline. A proposal with a
deadline of later than 5 PM will be submitted by the Proposal Analyst by 5 PM on the day it is due.