DATE: 7 March 2011
Guidelines for requests for Research Initiation support
A. VPRTT Research Initiation (RI) Account - The RI account will be used solely to provide
institutional support for major, new initiatives. Requests for cost sharing should not be sub-
mitted to the VPRTT and will not be funded from this account
B. Eligible Areas of Research - Faculty are encouraged to propose research initiation support
in areas which the VPRTT has identified as having high institutional priorities. Those priori-
ties will be established through the following process:
1. The VPRTT will consult with the President’s Cabinet, institutional partners (including
lobbyists) and outside experts to identify critical national and international needs
2. The VPRTT and the President will establish institutional priorities based on matching na-
tional and international needs against the institution’s experience and capabilities.
3. DHDDs and faculty are encouraged to suggest other priorities that address national and
international needs by bringing them to the attention of the RMC or Research Council.
C. Criteria - Requests for research initiation support will be evaluated on the basis of:
1. The institutional priority(s) and national need(s) being addressed
2. The science upon which the proposal will be based
3. The expected size (faculty, students, money) of the proposal
4. The experience and international reputation of the faculty leaders for the initiative
5. Availability of other institutional resources such as faculty time and department funds
6. Plans for collaborations with external organizations
7. The source, amount and likelihood of funding
8. Amount of institutional support needed to ensure success
D. Procedure - Planning for major new initiatives must begin at least six months before propos-
als are due - preferably at least six months before RFPs or similar announcements are re-
leased. Anyone considering such an initiative should:
1. Meet with the VPRTT six months to a year before the proposal will be submitted.
2. Obtain feedback on the administration’s evaluation of the proposal and confirm expecta-
tions for institutional support.
3. Between the initial meeting and submission of a proposal, meet regularly with the AVP
for Research Development to discuss progress on the initiative and review the level of
institutional support needed.
4. Obtain VPRTT approval of a detailed description of institutional support at least two
months before the proposal is due.