Al Funds Balance Report (AFBR): Cognos – Trailhead Access Login and Report Functionality
1. Log In to Trailhead:
a. If prompted, Log in to Cognos with Trailhead Credentials

2. Select the My Funds tab:

3. The All Funds Balance Report (AFBR) will run and load directly below the ‘Need Help?’ section.

[note: when using an off-campus network, VPN connection is required to run the Al Funds Balance Report;
preferred methods include or OpenVPN.]

4. The Al Funds Balance Report generates data for all funds for which a user is listed as either a PI, Co-PI or Fund
Financial Manager in Banner. The report currently includes Sponsored Research, University Sponsored Research,
Cost Share, Professional Development, Research Development, Foundation Gifts, School Gifts, Auxiliary and
Other Departmental Cash funds.

5. From the main page, clicking on the hyperlinked Fund number wil dril down into an individual Fund Balance

6. To return to the main page at any time, from any screen, use the ‘Home’ hyperlink at top right of page or use
your browser back button.

7. From the Fund Summary page, clicking on an activity amount will drill down into detail for that account.

8. For all activity details for all accounts, click on ‘Detail’ at page top, from the Fund Activity page (or from the Fund
Summary page). All transaction level detail for the life of the fund – whether inception-to-date, or all active Fiscal
Years – will be displayed. This may take close to a minute to load, depending on the scale of the fund.

9. The All Detail screen allows the user to select activity timeframe and/or account to narrow the report results.

10. If no results are found, select a different account, select new dates, or reset the default dates.

11. Other report functionality:
a. Export to PDF, Excel or CVS – clicking any of these options at top right of the report window wil open up
a new browser window and export the information to that format. [note: some browsers will require
you to first disable Pop-Up blocking.]

b. Multiple pages – if data exceeds the length of the page, Cognos Page Up and Page Down functionality
will appear at bottom left of the report window. Use these functions to navigate between pages.

12. For general help with the report, please see the All Funds Balance Report FAQ page. For help with Sponsored
Research funds, contact For help with all other funds, contact the Controller's Office at CO-