Office of Research Administration and the Office of Research & Technology Transfer
Spring 2014
Cayuse News
Supporting Your Research
What is Cayuse News?
Cayuse News is your source for information on the new Mines
proposal and award management system, called Cayuse.
Issue 1
Cayuse is a web-based
Key Project Dates
platform for proposal and
Fall 2014 Progressive rollout to
Spr 2015 campus
award management.
Summer/ User testing and data
From proposal development and submission to complete sponsored
Fall 2014 integrity checking
project lifecycle management and analytics, the Cayuse Research Suite
will simplify research administration.
Spring/ Legacy award and
Sum 2014 proposal data transfer
Features include:

Search interface for funding opportunities
Jan 2014 Cayuse Research Suite

Electronic proposal tracking, routing and certification

Direct submission and validation of Federal
Fall 2013 Software review by
Deans, Res. Cou., CCIT
& the Administration

Proposal and award reporting by college, department
(including cross-department allocations), center, PI and
We will have better communications, easier
transparency and greater accountability and tracking.
John Poate – Vice-President of Research & Tech. Transfer