December 2017 Standard Checkout Dates-Master's Thesis
Degree Audit Form
Check your Degree
•Must be submitted the semester
prior to the semester you intend to
After Degree
• Check after you receive an
• If you make any changes to
May 1st
Audit Processed
email from OGS.
your Degree Audit form, an
•Master's thesis forms submitted
• If you see any No
addendum must be
without an Advisor/Thesis
comments, you may need
Committee Request form on file
to submit an addendum.
• Submit with Checkout
wil not be accepted.
Sep 5th
Apply to Graduate
Obtain Checkout Form
• Complete the Graduation Application in Trailhead.
• Your check-out form will be emailed to your CSM email
Submittal Page
Thesis Upload
Nov 20st
• Submit signed submittal page to the Office of Graduate
•Submit your thesis through ProQuest by midnight.
Studies by 5:00 pm.
•Thesis content must be approved by committee prior to uploading.
•Thesis formatting must be reviewed & approved before checkout.
Thesis Formatting Approval
Checkout Form
Dec 8th
•Thesis formatting must be accepted by OGS by 1:00pm
•Completed Check out form must be submitted to OGS by
•Submit form between September 6 - December 8
Degree Awarded
Dec - Jan
• Degrees wil be awarded December 18, 2017 - January 5, 2018
• Degree Evaluations must have all "yes" marks
• Students transferring credit from another university must have official Transcripts on file with OGS by December 22nd, 2017

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