Example: Chapter page (three-level system). Page numbers in the thesis body are in Arabic
numerals, beginning with one (1) on the first page of chapter 1. This system uses heading levels
A, B, and C with varying indentations.

The title is centered in all capital letters
one keyboard return below the top one-
inch text margin.
Calibrating the response of a GPR system is essential for making measurements
of subsurface materials properties. Duke (1990) calibrated the overall response of a
GPR system by making measurements of the . . .
A-level section headings are flush with the left
Background and Previous Work
This chapter describes the methodology that has been used to determine the
response of an impulse GPR. The characterization includes a response function for the
receiving electronics, simulations . . .
Subsection headings are flush with the left
Signal Processing Tools
There are many techniques for making high frequency electrical measurements
in electrical networks and antenna systems, and there are also many methods for
manipulating the data from these measurements . . .
Convolution and Deconvolution Methods
Convolution is a mathematical operation that can be used to describe
how a linear network element modifies a signal as the signal passes . . .
Scattering Parameters Scattering parameters (S parameters) are often
used to discuss the scattering of guided waves traveling in electrical networks (Smith,
1995) . . .
C-level subsection headings are indented incrementally from the B-level indentation

margin. The text begins on the same line as the subheading.

If there is not room for at least two lines of 1 1/2

or double-spaced text after the heading and
before the bottom margin of the page, then
place the heading at the top of the next page.

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