Begin sub-
Example Submittal Page. This is a required page that displays the Roman numeral ii page number.
Beginning with this page, front matter Roman numeral page numbers are centered 1/2 inch from the
mittal state-
bottom edge of page. All signatures are required before the final thesis format review.
ment one-
inch from

the top of
A thesis submitted to the Faculty and the Board of Trustees of the Colorado
the page,
leaving a 1
School of Mines in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of
inch top

Philosophy (Geophysical Engineering).

or enter Master of Science

enter correct degree title
or Master of International Political
Economy of Resources
Golden, Colorado


This page is submitted as part of the uploaded PDF. It
will have lines with no signatures. A hard c
opy of this

page with signatures must be submitted to the OGS for o
Student Name
Thesis Format Approval to begin.


A single-space title
line must follow each
Dr. Thomas L. Davis
signee’s name.
Thesis Advisor

If there is not a

second advisor, omit
Dr. Ilya Tsvankin
this signature line
Thesis Advisor

Golden, Colorado



Dr. Terence K. Young
Professor and Head
Department of Geophysics

The submittal page is
numbered Roman
numberal ii, even
though a copyright
page may precide it.