2017 GSG Graduate Research And Discovery Symposium (GRADS)

Over 150 posters and oral presentations were judged by outstanding faculty, staff, and alumni of the
Colorado School of Mines and were evaluated on three bases: scientific content (originality, objectives,
relevance, methods, supported conclusions and directions for the future); appearance (logical organization,
effective layout and legibility); and presentation ability (clear, concise and effective handling of
questions). The GSG is congratulates the winners of GRADS 2017:
Poster Sessions

CECS I | 1st Place - Nicholas Danes: “Toward a Mathematical Model of Hemostasis”

CECS I | 2nd Place - Jennifer Ryan: “Development and performance assessment of a Software-
defined network simulator”

CECS II | 1st Place - Nick Kincaid: “A Green Roof Heat and Mass Transfer Model Using a Finite
Difference Method for Building Energy Simulations”

CECS II | 2nd Place - Nohemi Almaraz: “Occurrence of Halogenated Disinfection Byproducts in
Treated Oil and Gas (O&G) Wastewater”

CASE | 1st Place - Abhijit Kale: “Study of Nickel Silicide as a Copper Diffusion Barrier in
Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells”

CASE | 2nd Place - Tracy H. Schloemer: “A Route to Low-Cost Flexible Solar Cells: Rational Design
of the Organic Charge Transport Layer”

CERSE | 1st Place - Jake Utley: “Time-Lapse Seismic Inversion to Observe Stimulation and Production

CERSE | 2nd Place - Erin Bessette-Kirton: “Landslide Structures and Dynamics Derived from Satellite
Imagery of the 2016 Lamplugh Glacier Rock Avalanche, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska”
Oral Sessions

Civil: Seismic Energy I | 1st Place - Alena Grechishnikova: “Integration of New Technologies for
Fracture Models. An Unconventional Niobrara Outcrop Case Study”

Civil: Seismic Energy II | 1st Place - Mallory McAdams: “Dynamic Small Strain Behavior of Microbially
Induced Calcium Carbonate Precipitation”

Civil: Water Treatment I | 1st Place - Stephanie Riley: “Evaluation of a Hybrid Membrane Biosystem
for Sustainable Desalination of O&G Produced Water”

Civil: Water Treatment II | 1st Place - Daniel Van Hoomissen: “Computational Investigation of 1,2-F
atom Rearrangements in Perfluorinated Compounds: Insight into PFAA Quantification and

Biological Engineering | 1st Place - Timothy C. Schutt: “A PEGylated Ionic Liquid for Enhanced
Processing of Lignocellulosic Materials”

Computation | 1st Place - Qiuwei Li: “Overcomplete Tensor Decomposition via Convex Optimization”

Applied Computation | 1st Place - Zhijian Liu: “Modelling Sloughing of Gas Hydrate Deposits in
Subsea Pipelines Using a Finite Element Numerical Approach”

Materials and Metallurgy I | 1st Place - John Mangum: “Correlative Raman Spectroscopy and Focused
Ion Beam for Targeted Microstructural Analysis of Titania Polymorphs”

Materials and Metallurgy II | 1st Place - Ting Wu: “Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 (ZIF-8)
Membranes for Kr/Xe Separation”

Catalysts and Fuel Cells | 1st Place - William Smith: “Separation of Metal Hybrid Nanoparticles by
Composition using Thermal Field Flow Fractionation”

Renewable Energy | 1st Place - Celeste L. Melamed: “Single Crystalline Substrates for III-V Growth
via Exfoliation of Bulk Single Crystals”