Hourly Implementation Spreadsheet Instructions - Academic Year 17-18
Last Updated: 01/24/2018
Graduate Employment Policies: Institutional employment policies as relates to graduate students may be found at: http://gradschool.mines.edu/GS-Assistantship-Policies
- Graduate Hourly Appointments are made to students who work part-time on campus to provide assistance in areas that are unrelated to their academic program and that
do not involve teaching or research duties of the nature expected of Graduate Research and Graduate Teaching Assistants.
- Graduate Hourly Appointees are supervised by CSM faculty or staff and may provide clerical, administrative, and/or technical support for academic and administrative
units and individual CSM faculty and research units.
- Graduate Hourly Appointee Supervisor is the faculty or staff member from whom the Graduate Hourly Appointee receives their formal work
assignment and who oversees the performance of this work assignment.
Graduate Hourly Appointments are awarded with an explicit indication of the number of hours per week expected. Students on Graduate Hourly Appointments must submit time sheets
indicating the actual hours worked and are compensated on an hourly basis for these.
During the academic year, Graduate Hourly Appointments are limited to no more than 20 hours per week. During the summer, Graduate Hourly appointments may be made up to 40 hours per week.
Students may concurrently hold multiple Graduate Assistant and Graduate Hourly appointments. In the case that a student holds multiple appointments, the student must make all departments,
divisions or PIs overseeing the work assignments of each appointment aware of his/her multiple commitments. The sum of the total work commitments may not exceed the institutional limits
defined for a single appointment (i.e., 0.5 FTE or 20 hours during the academic year and 1.0 FTE or 40 hours during the summer).
note: these dates fill automatically based 
on contract term. They can be changed.
2.. Fill out cells L7-L12 (Hourly Pay Rate, etc.) complete
note: comments in cells, specified by red triangles, are to assist you

3a. Enter your index code for all funding sources you will use
3b. Enter the amount of funding associated with the index
3c. The account code 5218 is standard ("Hourly Student Help")

5a. Enter the Department Contact name (B48) and add date (F48)
5b. Enter the Name, CWID, and Position Number of person who will approve student's hours worked
5c. Add any additional comments/instructions as necessary
5d. The entire form must be printed out, signed (at minimum by the student), and given in hard-copy form to HR.
The signed form serves as the "Student Agreement" form from previous years.
5e. Send electronic Excel file to Student.Contracts@mines.edu
5f. Please ensure the student reads the agreement information: