How to Apply to Graduate in Trailhead
Log in to Trailhead at:
Click on 1 of the Student Tabs (either one will work)
Click on Student Records

Click on Apply to Graduate
To open up the graduation application in Trailhead:
-Master's students must submit the Degree Audit form.
-PhD students must submit the Degree Audit form &
the Admission to Candidacy form.
If you see "no curricula available...", it means that you: 1)have not submitted the forms,
2) the forms have not been processed, or 3) you have already applied to graduate
If you have turned in the forms listed above (please allow approx. 2 weeks for
processing)& are eligible to apply to graduate, you will see your degree listed
under Select Curriculum-Click on your degree to continue application.
This screen shows the last semester you registered for classes.
This is not the semester you will graduate.
Click Submit

Click bubble on degree, then click continue.
If you do not see your degree on this screen, contact the
Office of Graduate Studies
Check your degree for accuracy
Select your graduation term
Click submit
Click "yes" or "no".
If you are unsure if you will be attending the ceremony, click "yes". If you change your
mind and decide not to attend, you must notify the Office of Graduate Studies

Your name will appear on this page. The name printed on this
page will be the name printed on your diploma.
If you need to change your name, contact the Registrar's Office.
Check your graduation date
Check your ceremony
attendance selection
Check your degree
If everything on this page is correct, click submit request.
Please read all the important
information on this page.

To View Active Graduation Applications
If you are unsure if you applied to graduate,
check this page.