May 2018 Standard Checkout Dates-Master's Non-Thesis Students
Degree Audit Form
Check your Degree Evaluation
After Degree Audit
Nov 1
• Must be submitted the
•Check after you receive an email
•If you make any changes to
semester prior to the semester
from OGS
your Degree Audit form, an
you intend to graduate.
•If you see any No comments, you
addendum must be
need to submit an addendum.
•Submit with Checkout form.
Apply to Graduate
Obtain Checkout Form
Jan 24
• Complete the Graduation Application in Trailhead.
• OGS will send your checkout form to your CSM email
address after you have applied to gradaute in Trailhead.
• We will begin emailing forms on December 1
• If you need your form before December 1, please
contact OGS
Checkout Form
April 6
• Completed Check-out card must be submitted to OGS by 5:00 pm.
• Submit form between January 25, 2018-April 6, 2018
Degrees Awarded
May 14-25
• Degrees will be awarded May 14, 2018- May 25, 2018
• Degree Evaluations must have all "yes" marks and cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or higher.
• Students transferring credit from another university must have official Transcripts on file with OGS by May 18, 2018.

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