Administrative Professionals—Total Compensation Philosophy Summary
 To be a top destination STEM university, known for:
 The compensation program wil help support Mines’
 Technical excellence, leading-edge research, and innovation;
vision, aligning with the overall institutional strategy by:

Strong connections to applications, industry, and business; and
Focusing on ensuring that total compensation is
competitive and consistently applied
 Embracing and promoting context, impact, and passion; with the aspiration that our

graduates, ideas, actions and innovations have a transformative impact on society;
Attracting and retaining high performing faculty to
solving the world’s most pressing needs, creating shared prosperity, and ensuring
emphasize quality and excellence in education,
the sustainable use of the earth’s resources.
research, and services that Mines delivers
The compensation program is guided by the following guiding principles (detailed compensation philosophy available):
Mines believes in transparency and providing on-going communication around the compensation program.
The compensation program emphasizes external market valuation while recognizing strong performance and
Work/Job Valuation
contribution to the institution and the importance and value of internal equity. The program leverages competitive
market data, and jobs will be assessed based on external, internal equity, and role within Mines where feasible.
Mines attracts talent from local, regional, and national markets. External benchmarks are pulled from comparison
Comparison Markets
markets based on role, job unit, and level, and may include higher education and general industry markets and
Market targets are at or above market median; this may vary based on mission/criticality determined by institutional
Competitive Positioning
Base Salary is the primary method of compensation. Benefit offerings are a key component of the total
compensation package, including health, dental and other insurance benefits, leaves, tuition waivers, retirement, etc.
Total Compensation Mix
Merit increases are determined by an individual’s performance and contribution. Opportunities for career growth and
work content are also key to Mines’ strong employee value proposition
Performance and level of contribution are important factors in determining salary along with additional recognition as
Link to Performance
funding permits.
Clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and decision rights for the design, approval, and management of
Program Administration
compensation programs are clearly outlined for Leadership, Human Resources, and Managers and Supervisors.