My CareAssistTM
Family Care When and Where You Need It Most
The Back-Up Care Advantage Program® network is growing every
day so that Mines families have access to convenient high quality
back-up care options for children and adult relatives when regular
care arrangements break down – up to 10 days per year.
If Bright Horizons is unable to secure care through a current
network provider, you have the option of finding your own back-
up provider and being reimbursed for related care.
 Up to $100/day reimbursement for center-based care for
 Up to $100/day reimbursement for in-home care for
children or adults
 Call 877-BH-CARES (877-242-2737) and a care consultant
will research care options. If no providers are available, the
care consultant will offer information on My CareAssistTM
and send you all applicable forms for reimbursement
 If you have a provider who is not currently participating in
the Back-Up Care Advantage Program, you can nominate
them for participation! Log-in to your personal account or
per below and click on the “Providers” tab then click on
“Nominate a Care Provider”. Please note: The provider
recruitment process is lengthy and can take up to six months to
As a reminder, you also have additional options for babysitters
and care companions – as well as care for evenings, weekends,
and even pets. Enjoy free, unlimited access to a database of
resources – you are responsible for the full cost of all care
services chosen and no reimbursement applies.
Back-Up Care Advantage – click on “Register & Reserve” button

Username = Mines

Password = care4you
Additional Family Support – simply click on the placards
Call: 877-242-2737 (877-BH-CARES) for assistance 24/7