Assignment and Payment of Benefits
No benefit payable under the Plan can be assigned, transferred or subject to any lien, garnishment, pledge
or bankruptcy. However, a Participant may assign benefits payable under this Plan to a provider or hospital
pursuant to the term of the certificate. Ultimately, it is the Participant’s responsibility to pay any hospital or
provider. If the benefit payment is made directly to a Participant, for whatever reason, such payment shall
completely discharge all liability of the Plan, the CHEIBA Trust Committee and the Employer.
If any benefit under this Plan is erroneously paid to a Participant, the Participant must refund any
overpayment back to the Plan. The refund may be payment, reduction of future benefits otherwise payable
under the Plan, or any other method as the CHEIBA Trust Committee in its sole discretion, may require.

Right to Information and Fraudulent Claims
The CHEIBA Trust Committee has the right to request information from any Participant to verify his/her and
Dependent eligibility and entitlement to benefits under the Plan. If a Participant falsifies any document in
support of a claim or coverage under the Plan, the CHEIBA Trust Committee may, without the consent of
any person, terminate coverage and refuse to honor any claims under the Plan for the Participant and
Dependent, and the Participant may be liable to the CHEIBA Trust or his or her employer for all resulting
monetary damages, costs and attorneys' fees which result from such actions. In addition, the Employee
may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Third Party Reimbursement and Subrogation
If you or a covered Dependent receive benefits under a CHEIBA Trust Plan for injury, sickness or disability
that was caused by a third party, and you have a right to receive a payment from the third party, then the
CHEIBA Trust has the right to recover payments for the benefits paid by the CHEIBA Trust Plans. If you
recover any amount for covered expenses from a third party, the amount of benefits paid by the CHEIBA
Trust Plans will be reduced by the amount you recover.

In making a claim for benefits from the CHEIBA Trust Plans, you and your covered Dependents agree that
the CHEIBA Trust will be subrogated to any recovery, or right of recovery, you or your Dependent has
against any third party, and that the CHEIBA Trust will be reimbursed and will recover 100% of any amount
paid by the CHEIBA Trust Plans or amounts which the Plans are otherwise obligated to pay. You also agree
that you will not take any action that would prejudice the CHEIBA Trust’s subrogation rights and will
cooperate in doing what is reasonably necessary to assist the CHEIBA Trust in any recovery. The CHEIBA
Trust has a right to pursue all legal and equitable remedies to recover, without deduction for attorney’s fees
and costs or other expenses you incur, and without regard to whether you or a covered Dependent is fully
compensated by the recovery or made whole. The Plan’s right of recovery and reimbursement is a first
priority and first lien against any settlement, judgment, award or other payment obtained by you or your
Dependents, for recovery of amounts paid by the CHEIBA Trust Plans.

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Long Term




Basic Term

Benefit Plan



Paid AD&D
Paid Life

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
You select your medical plan coverage during open enrollment or when you become a new benefit-eligible
Employee. Four (4) Options are available: BlueAdvantage Point of Service Plan (HMO/POS), PRIME Blue Priority
PPO, Blue Priority HMO Plan and Lumenos High Deductible Health Plan (HSA Compatible).

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
You select your dental plan coverage during open enrollment or when you become a new benefit-eligible
Employee. Two (2) options are available: Anthem Blue Dental PPO Plus or Anthem Blue Dental PPO

Anthem Blue View Vision
Your enrollment in any of the CHEIBA medical plans includes coverage for a routine eye exam (once every 12
months). You will need to elect coverage for eyewear materials and lens treatment option and this is a
voluntary Employee-paid option. LASIK discounts are included in this plan.
Anthem Life Insurance Company
Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage is provided as a basic plan. The basic
coverage is two times your annual base salary (until age 65) to a maximum of $500,000 in death benefits for
all benefit-eligible Employees. Review Anthem Basic Term Life Insurance section for details regarding basic
coverage for Employees 65 and older. There is Dependent life coverage included in the group life insurance
premium (see Basic Term Life Insurance section for details).

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Anthem Life Insurance Company
This plan is available for all benefit-eligible Employees, their spouses, Civil Union Partners and children. An
Employee can purchase coverage in $10,000 increments to a maximum of $300,000 in death benefits for
yourself, your spouse, or your Civil Union Partner. Eligible Dependent children can be covered to a
maximum of $5,000 per child. (Restrictions apply. See Voluntary Term Life Insurance chapter for details).

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance can be purchased as an Employee Only Plan or an
Employee and Family Plan. Coverage for you is available to a maximum of $500,000. Under the Family Plan,
the benefit amount to your spouse or Civil Union Partner will be 50% of yours and each eligible child’s
benefit amount will be 10% of yours.

24HourFlex (Except Fort Lewis College)
The colleges, universities and institutions of higher education participating in the CHEIBA Trust offer a
Flexible Benefit Plan under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. There are three separate and
optional components under the Plan: Pre-Tax Insurance Premium Payments, Health Care Spending Account,
and Dependent Care Spending Account. These options provide you with the opportunity to pay some of
your insurance premiums and other eligible family expenses with pre-tax dollars. Once selected, the Pre-
Tax Insurance Premium Payment option will continue until a waiver is signed during open enrollment or as
the result of a qualifying status change. Employees must re-enroll in the Health Care Spending Account and
the Dependent Care Spending Account during open enrollment each year, or enroll as a new benefit-eligible
Employee. The Spending Accounts are administered by 24HourFlex (except Fort Lewis College).

Standard Insurance
Should you experience a long-term disability, the plan will replace a portion of your income. You are eligible
for benefits after you have been disabled for 90 days.

This employer-paid insurance provides protection should you be seriously injured or die during employer-
approved work-related travel (i.e. conferences, seminars and workshops etc.).

You have a P.A.L.! This service is provided by the CHEIBA Trust (at no cost to you) to assist you in resolving
benefit issues that you have been unable to resolve on your own. Your P.A.L. is an independent consultant
located at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., the full-service benefit consulting firm for the CHEIBA Trust. If you have
billing problems with your doctor or hospital, a claim or service denied in error, reimbursement problems,
trouble seeing a specialist, disability insurance or life insurance problems, call your P.A.L. directly at 303-
889-2692 or 1-800-943-0650; Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. When you call, have your
Member ID number, name of the college or agency and other relevant information available (i.e. name of
insurance company, group number, date of service, physician or hospital name, bills or letters from the
insurance company).
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